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Hoffsveien 1C
N-0275 Oslo
Glamox AS is a Norwegian industrial group that develops, manufactures and distributes lighting solutions for the global professional market. Our mission is to provide sustainable lighting solutions that improve the performance and well-being of people. We are a leading supplier to the world's marine and offshore markets, and a significant supplier to the professional building market in Europe. The Glamox Group employs around 2 300 professionals, with sales and production in Europe, Asia and America.

We help our clients create sustainable lighting solutions for their entire project, at sea or on land. A complete solution consists of quality luminaires, good lighting design and innovative technology. The end result is a smart, connected and energy-efficient solution that provides you with the right light, in the right place, at the right time. We offer complete product ranges for schools, healthcare facilities, commercial and industrial buildings, retail facilities, hotels and restaurants. Our products and solutions are developed and tested by our engineers at our own research and testing facilities, and manufactured and certified in accordance with all relevant quality and environmental standards. They are based on the latest technology and expertise – and generations of experience. Our in-house production means you have great flexibility, and we offer you the freedom to customise according to your needs. Our luminaires are energy-efficient and built to last to benefit both you and the environment.

We offer our solutions through a range of quality lighting brands, including Glamox, Aqua Signal, Luxo, Norselight, LINKSrechts, Küttel, Luxonic, ES-System, LiteIP, Luminell and Wasco. Glamox is a leading lighting brand for professional markets, onshore and offshore, established in 1947. The wide assortment of Glamox products is of superior technical quality, and available for a wide range of applications – including challenging environments. For more than 75 years Luxo has designed mainly arm‐based innovative, ergonomic lighting products. Luxo products improve lighting conditions, taking particular care of individual needs.

Since 1876, decorative Høvik Lys lighting products, made with high quality materials and with exclusive finishing details, have graced elegant buildings and vessels with their pleasant light. Aqua Signal has been delivering top‐ of‐the‐line marine lighting solutions since before the age of electricity, providing lighting products designed and manufactured to meet all relevant standards for quality and performance at sea. Norselight delivers added safety and security by providing quality search light systems that work reliably even under the most extreme conditions.
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Their ability to develop effective lighting solutions is truly remarkable.

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