Kenall Lighting Adds KORE Technology to Surgical Series, Expands Linear Series

Kenall Lighting announces the expansion of its popular Millenium Stretch series and adds proprietary KORE technology to its industry leading M4SEDI surgical suite family, while expanding the options available within each series for added flexibility.

This week, Kenall Lighting introduced an extension of their popular Millenium Stretch™ family, the MLHA3. The first in Kenall's portfolio to offer a customizable lumen output and color temperature, this 3-inch-wide luminaire is versatile and stylish. Although modern and slim in appearance, it's robust enough to carry Kenall's signature Peace of Mind Guarantee® against breakage. Additionally, the MLHA3 offers continuous runs with multiple length options, disinfection lighting via Indigo-Clean Technology (ICT), and a BIOS SkyBlue™ option to promote health and wellness.

Nate Heiking, Kenall's Product Development Engineering Manager, stated, "This is an exciting addition to our Millenium Stretch series, one of the most popular and versatile linear products in Kenall's portfolio. The fixture's small profile makes it's less obtrusive, giving it the subtle design aesthetic valued by today's lighting designers and architects."

This launch follows the introduction of Kenall's updated M4SEDI surgical suite luminaire. Because the surgical theater requires optimal visual acuity, Kenall has integrated its proprietary, powerful, and efficient KORE Technology™ into its industry leading M4 surgical series. This new optical engine provides full lens uniformity as well as glare and contrast control, so critical in surgical suites. While the price point remains unchanged, increased efficiency results in lower energy use, which translates into lower total cost of ownership.

Additionally, the new, lighter weight M4 housing provides greater ease of install. In addition to standard white, the M4SEDI is also available in green LED, which enhances monitor visibility during surgical procedures, reducing staff eye strain. The fixture is available in 2x4, 2x2, 1x4 and a new 1x2 size.
Kenall's new SimpleSeal CSSGI series is a budget-friendly cleanroom luminaire that features a low-profile design for minimal intrusion into the highly valued plenum space. The luminaire features an edge-lit light engine providing a uniform distribution of light across the surface of the lens. NSF and IP rated, the fixture is suitable for ISO 3-8 cleanrooms, ISO9 clean spaces and BSL 1-4 cleanrooms.

Kenosha, WI -- This week, Kenall Lighting introduced the CSSGI series: a shallow plenum troffer ideal for cleanrooms and clean spaces, including laboratories, food processing plants, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research centers and more. Filling a market need for a slim, budget-friendly cleanroom luminaire, the fixture's low-profile design allows for minimal intrusion into the highly valued plenum space.

At a scant 2.5" deep, the CSSGI is available in 2'x2' and 2'x4' sizes, making it ideal for use in ISO 3-8 cleanrooms, ISO9 life sciences clean spaces, and BSL 1-4 cleanrooms with grid ceilings. Featuring an edge-lit light engine, the luminaire's high-output, high-CRI lamp source provides uniform lighting across the surface of the lens. As evidence of its certified performance, the CSSGI is available with an NSF2 and IP66 listing.

Nate Heiking, Kenall's Product Development Engineering Manager, stated, "The new SimpleSeal CSSGI luminaire was developed in response to market demand. The luminaire offers a low-profile design suitable for installation into ISO 3-9 and BSL 1-4 cleanrooms, at a low total cost of ownership. The design also allows for ease of access to the internal housing and driver when installed, making it a more serviceable fixture than the competition."

The CSSGI is the newest addition to Kenall's robust portfolio of SimpleSeal sealed enclosure lighting. Kenall offers specific expertise in sealed, IP-rated lighting for cleanrooms and clean spaces. With over 60 years' experience in specialty lighting, and a vertically integrated manufacturing facility located in the heart of the Midwest, the Kenall name has become synonymous with quality lighting for challenging cleanroom environments.

Kenall Introduces CSSGI Shallow Plenum Cleanroom Luminaire for ISO 3-8 Spaces
Kenosha, Wisconsin – Architectural SSL Magazine recently announced Kenall’s new MedMaster® MCRT round troffer a recipient of their coveted Product Innovation Award (PIA ’23). These awards were created to honor the most innovative LED and solid state luminaires on the market, as judged by the publication’s editorial staff and an esteemed panel of industry peers.

The MedMaster MCRT is a 24” round LED troffer offering a soft, contemporary design aesthetic for healthcare facilities. A fresh take on sealed healthcare lighting, this new series allows lighting designers to integrate more dramatic shapes and maintain design consistency throughout a facility, while also meeting stringent performance standards for cleaning and infection prevention. Available exclusively from Kenall, the MCRT is the only round troffer on the market to offer a safe, continuous Indigo-Clean visible light disinfection option, allowing hospitals, clinics, and ambulatory surgical centers to add an extra layer of protection against a range of pathogens, including MRSA, C. diff, SARS-CoV2, and Influenza A. Options also include a low voltage controller that allows patients to regulate their lighting and an amber nightlight to support patient wayfinding.

“We are honored by this recognition and excited to add this round troffer to our MedMaster healthcare lighting portfolio”, said Nate Heiking, Product Development Engineering Manager at Kenall. “While Kenall’s reputation is built on certified performance, we are in the process of transforming the design aesthetic of our luminaires without compromising the performance standards so critical to the healthcare space. By combining aesthetically pleasing design with robust listings and certifications, lighting designers, architects and engineers can specify Kenall with complete confidence.”
Kenall Manufacturing is expanding its offering of “virtually impenetrable” correctional lighting with the new Mighty Mac® HXSS. Along with the Mighty Mac SSAS, CCS and WCBHS, the HXSS is part of a family of unique, completely doorless luminaires designed to prevent inmate access into the lighting, deterring weaponization of components and promoting the safety and security of staff and inmates.

The hexagonal HXSS luminaire's stainless steel housing bolts directly to the ceiling with tamper-proof hardware, preventing contraband concealment and reducing or eliminating the need for cells to be emptied for routine maintenance. The HXSS delivers appropriate footcandle levels using just one fixture per cell, and it is appropriate for use in behavioral health settings, as the flat lens is specifically designed to be ligature resistant.

“The new Mighty Mac® HXSS and other doorless luminaires have been embraced by the correctional community, and reflect the commitment Kenall Manufacturing has to protect those who live and work in the detention, security and behavioral health space,” stated Bill Blackley, Senior Director of Marketing.

This virtually impenetrable fixture prohibits unauthorized entry and weaponization of the luminaire, via a completely unique housing design, making it ideal for cells, corridors, restrooms, and behavioral health areas. The Long LED lifetime and optional Wet Location rating makes it a true set-it-and-forget-it lighting solution.

One-piece die-formed prime grade material as specified – see Ordering Information. Cold-rolled steel and painted stainless steel options are finished with a gloss white TGIC polyester powder coat finish with 5-stage pre-treatment. Continuous seam-welded and smoothed corners with no post grinding (TIG). Housing resistant to penetration and contraband concealment. Two-piece concealed lens retention bracket.

120-277VAC or 347VAC, 50/60Hz electrical input with serviceable constant-current driver (<20% THD, >0.90 PF). Minimum 85% driver efficiency. Standard 0-10V dimming with 1-100% range and dim-to-dark capabilities (non dim-to-dark with 347V); maximum 165 µA maximum source current.

LED Module
Mid-power LED array. See Ordering Information for color temperature options. 80CRI minimum. Maximum 3-step MacAdam variation allowance.

High-efficiency diffused, impact-resistant acrylic inner lens with clear polycarbonate or tempered glass outer lens. See Ordering Information for selection options. Maximum 0.500” overall thickness.

Ceiling installation via external mounting holes using six (6) high-security bolts (provided by others).

Lighting specifiers who are looking for a fresh take on sealed hospital lighting now have a new option from Kenall: round MedMaster™ MCRT healthcare troffers. The 24" Round shape provides a differentiated aesthetic to a variety of healthcare lighting applications. Full backlit LED array and high diffusion lens provide uniformly-lit appearance. Optional LVC and LVCD provides a low-voltage patient interface, controlling the lamp source and optional night light with (LVCD) and without (LVC) dimming control. Suitable for Type-IC recessed ceiling installation into 9/16" and 15/16" lay-in and tegular grid ceilings. Swing-out arms allow for securing of housing to grid structure. Ceiling tile cutout template provided. Ceiling tile by others. Luminaire is certified to UL standards by Intertek Testing Laboratories for Type-IC and Wet Location installations. IP64 rating per IEC60598. NSF2 Splash/Non-Food Zone rated. Standard CCEA compliance.

Lighting specifiers who are looking for a fresh take on sealed hospital lighting now have a new option from Kenall: round MedMaster™ MCRT healthcare troffers. MedMaster MCRT 24” luminaires allow designers to integrate more dramatic shapes and maintain design consistency throughout a facility, while also meeting stringent performance standards for cleaning and infection prevention.

The MedMaster MCRT series is the only round troffer on the market to feature Kenall’s safe and continuous Indigo-Clean Visible Light Disinfection option, allowing hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgical centers to add an extra layer of protection against a range of pathogens, including MRSA, C. diff, SARS-CoV2, and Influenza A. Other luminaire options include a low-voltage controller and a white or amber night light for patient room applications.

Bill Blackley, Senior Director of Marketing at Kenall, stressed that the MCRT is designed to provide high-quality, sealed performance, aesthetics and uniformity: “It features a full, backlit LED array and a high-diffusion lens to keep the lighting levels appropriate for caregiver tasks, while also preventing glare and remaining comfortable for patients and visitors.”

About Kenall
Kenall Manufacturing, an independent sector of Legrand, was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1963 and has built a reputation for durable lighting solutions of superior quality and exceptional value. Today, the company creates unique solutions for the transportation, healthcare, cleanroom/containment, food processing, high abuse, and correctional lighting markets. Kenall luminaires are designed in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and comply with the Buy American Act (manufactured in the United States with more than 50% of the component cost of US origin). For additional information, visit
Today we are finally introducing our NEW Helos HPG14 parking fixture! This luminaire is designed to make your lighting and its installation into your parking structure easier. This new edge-lit design features a flat illuminance plane that provides superior lighting performance, regardless of mounting type.

It pairs perfectly with our new TekLink TL200, a simple, wireless zonal control system with no commissioning necessary.

  • Unique hexagonal light guide with edge-lit LED light engine provides three distribution options - Type V, Rectangular and Drive Lane
  • Lightweight construction (7 lbs) for ease of installation
  • Nominal output range of 4,000 to 10,000 lm
  • Compatible with TekLink™ lighting control technology

Kenall’s 13 new MedMaster® luminaires offer flexible non-ferrous lighting, allowing safe operation with EMI sensitive medical imaging devices, including MRI suites and Hybrid ORs. This, along with 3 different optical distributions and the optional 530nm green LEDs, make these fixtures the perfect choice for lighting hybrid spaces where surgery, MRI imaging and other sensitive medical procedures may occur in the same space.

Kenall's new line of SimpleSeal Luminaires combine the best in non-ferrous construction and sealed performance to illuminate spaces where EMI sensitive and magnetically sensitive processes are performed. These fixtures have been designed to maintain the standards of ISO3-9 cleanroom environments. Check out the new line of products here:
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