Downlights and Directional Luminaires

Downlights and directional luminaires, in particular recessed luminaires, are deliberately toned down in appearance to favor their optical performance. Recessed, surface mounted and hanging downlights provide ambient, accent, wall wash or task lighting in residences, hospitality spaces, retail establishments, commercial showrooms, museums and art galleries. Uncover the science and technology behind smart recessed lights, tunable white downlights, hospitality recessed lighting, commercial LED downlights, recessed accent lights, high lumen output LED downlights, miniaturized linearand modular LED downlights, residential recessed lighting, recessed spotlights, cuboid and cylinder LED downlights, adjustable LED downlights, waterproof LED downlights, retrofit recessed lights, directional ceiling lights, wall washing lights, trimless LED downlights, slope ceiling LED downlights, recessed multiples, and fire rated downlights.
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