Façade and Structure Lighting

Façade and structure lighting can enhance the intrinsic charm, beauty, and utility of architectural settings. Well-designed facade and structure lighting creates architectural impressions, points of interest, prestige, symbolism, recognition, and safety for a building and its surroundings. Architectural lighting designers use floodlights and spotlights to create different perceptions of architecture at night. RGB LED floodlights and other multi-color variants (RGBW, RGBA, RGBWA) can call up any color within the defined color gamut to accentuate architectural and landscape elements. LED wall washers and grazers transform thoughtful design visions into a cohesive panorama. LED trick lights create an impression of geometry by identifying contours or boundaries of architectural structures. Direct view linear LED luminaires can envelop a building like a second skin. Direct-view LED pixel lights are individually addressable lighting nodes that can be used in architectural and landscape lighting projects of any size and complexity.
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