Our Voice Global Lighting Forum - Unite People in the Lighting Industry

Global Lighting Forum (GLF) is the world's only professional community dedicated to driving the communication and collaboration between people from across the lighting industry. The forum engages investors, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, industry experts, marketing professionals, and stakeholders in the industry to capitalize on the creative power of group brainstorming and to generate actionable and constructive solutions to problems. With the great generosity of spirit and passion for the common good and interest, GLF is rising to provide a collective wealth of information and resources that can maximize the business and career success of our members. The forum also undertakes another mission—consumer education. Buyers and end-users of lighting products are poorly informed with regard to new technological applications. They got boxed in established ways of thinking and often put price before value, which is significantly undermining the healthy growth of the industry.

The lighting industry arrived at a crossroads. With the LED technology being rapidly commoditized, a compelling value proposition derived from the technological upgrade, which once attracted a great number of outside investors, became a thing of the past. The overcapacity in production causes manufacturers to fight over a shrinking profit pool. The entire dynamics of the lighting market are in rapid evolution. It's becoming increasingly challenging to achieve a high return on investment (ROI) in the low-value-added assembly business. Value is moving toward systems, solutions and services. This trend calls for interfirm and crossfield collaboration and integration of know-how and resources. We know that collaboration between individuals is much more effective than individual efforts. The Global Lighting Forum provides an interactive platform for people in the lighting industry to engage, discuss and communicate in a collaborative environment.

GLF is a natural extension of our B2B portal which we take great pride in for its unrivaled dedication to the industry. The lighting industry is extremely fragmented when it comes to the direction in which the industry is going. This pushes us to build a forum to draw upon the experience and knowledge and to harness the strengths and abilities of people from different corners of the ecosystem for the development and growth of ideas. GLF brings together dispersed groups of leading experts and stakeholders to address industry-specific challenges.

In GLF, every voice matters. We're devoted to creating a high level of satisfaction in forum members. We strive to foster a stimulating atmosphere of constructive conversation and a culture of open engagement. GLF is the go-to place to post questions, exchange ideas, gain insights, share best practices, improve professional skills, develop relationships, find partners and discover business opportunities.