Lamps (Light Bulbs and Tubes)

An LED lamp is an assembly comprised of an LED module or an LED package, a lamp base made to dimensions prescribed by various standards, and other optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical components. An LED lamp may come with an integrated LED driver or powered by a remote driver. Lamps in common use include A-shape ("Arbitrary") or general service bulbs, LED filament bulbs, T8 LED tubes, dimmable LED bulbs, high power LED bulbs, rechargeable light bulbs, BR (bulged reflector) bulbs, PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector) bulbs, candelabra base bulbs, GU10 bulbs, MR16 bulbs, Humans have inherent needs to make sense of what they see. However, it’s just the other way around. Low-flicker, high color rendering illumination is seldom found in interior lighting delivered by cheap LED lamps. Today’s lighting concepts are fluid and flexible. Create a comfortable and engaging environment with smart lighting that can adapt to every occasion and activity. Color changing LED light bulbs produce adjustable-color light throughout a broad color gamut. Tunable white light bulbs bring the dynamics in the light cycle of the solar day back to our daily lives.