Hazardous Location Lighting

Hazardous locations refer to classified areas where flammable gas or vapors, or combustible dust, or easily ignitable flyings or fibers are present or can be presented. Lighting systems intended for installation in hazardous locations must be engineered, tested and certified for the specific Class, Division or Zone, and Group. Hazardous locations are typically found in industrial environments including petroleum refineries, oil drilling rigs, off-shore and dockside installations, gasoline storage and dispensing plants, paint manufacturing plants, mining operations, grain handling facilities, fuel transfer terminals, ammunition facilities, tank farms, and pipeline pumping stations. Hazardous location lighting is designed in a way that it will never give rise to explosion risks. Explosion proof flood lights, high bay lights and portable work lights rely on the use of explosion proof enclosures or dust-ignition proof enclosures to eliminate the source of ignition or likelihood of explosion. Hazardous location certified LED flashlights and LED headlamps are generally intrinsically safe devices.
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