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Products Smart Recessed Lights | App-controlled LED Downlights

A smart LED downlight is a programmable, network-connected luminaire that can be operated wirelessly from an IP-enabled device. Recessed lighting is an integral part of the design composition in architecturally sensitive spaces where a clean ceiling appearance is critical. With little or no profile, recessed lights bring clean ceiling lines and visually comfortable light to residential, hospitality, commercial, institutional and retail spaces. They cast a beam that is directed downwards with a narrow to wide light distribution at either a perfectly vertical or an adjustable angle. Recessed downlights with a flood beam spread are a common option for ambient lighting which fills a space with a soft, uniform layer of light. Focused, targeted light from narrow beam spotlights is used to illuminate an area for a specific task. Recessed spotlights are also employed to produce concentrated beams of light for accent lighting which creates focal points and visual interests. A wall washing luminaire evenly illuminates a wall from top to bottom to hide imperfections, provide ambient illuminance and add dimension to a room.

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