Glamox has won a contract to light two Vinga series vessels, regarded as the most advanced high-end intermediate-sized chemical tankers in the world, owned and operated by Sweden’s Furetank AB. Glamox will provide complete outdoor and indoor marine LED lighting for its two latest vessels in the series.

“Furetank is committed to sustainable shipping and helping our customers to decarbonise their supply chain. Our decision to expand the Vinga series is down to the scarcity of environmentally friendly alternatives in the market,” said Furetank chief executive Lars Höglund. “This latest order makes Glamox our lighting partner for the past 19 vessels out of 22 we’ve commissioned in the series. Its product quality, reliability, and focus on sustainability make it a natural partner for us.”

“We share Furetank’s commitment to decarbonising the seas and our energy-efficient lighting will enable the vessels to save fuel and support the company’s emission reduction ambitions,” said Tommy Stranden, Chief Sales and Commercial Officer of Glamox’s Marine, Offshore & Wind business. “Each vessel will be fitted with around 800 LED lights that will not only save energy and fuel costs but require around two-thirds less maintenance than conventional marine lighting due to their long life. This represents another important cost saving.”

The two new vessels, like their sisters, have a dual-fuel capability and run on liquefied natural gas/liquefied biogas or gasoil. They also incorporate features that reduce fuel and energy consumption, resulting in much lower emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide, and hazardous particles. The vessels have scored the best Energy Efficiency Design Index or EEDI value in their segment globally, meaning that they are the most energy-efficient vessels according to the International Maritime Organization.

Glamox will provide for each vessel navigation lights - Series 75, deck lights, explosion-proof lighting - TX60 LED, flood lights - RLX C G2 Floodlight, and searchlights - SL40 R5 Xenon. It will also provide all manner of lighting for the interior of the vessel, including lighting for the engine room, storage rooms and passageways, corridors, galley, bridge, and crew quarters. Included in the lighting package are marine-certified luminaires made in Molde, Norway.

The environmentally-friendly Vinga tankers are Ice Class 1A with a 16,300-deadweight ton (dwt) and designed by Furetank and FKAB Marine Design. They are being built by China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Yangzhou) Dingheng Co. Ltd, at its shipyard in Yangzhou, China, where it will also install the lighting. The vessels will be delivered at the end of 2026 and the beginning of 2027 respectively. They will then enter into the Gothia Tanker Alliance and be operated by Furetank out of Gothenburg.

The marine-certified LED lighting for the two new vessels will be delivered in Q3, 2025.

Glamox lands contract to light the world’s most environmentally friendly intermediate-sized chemical tankers
Glamox, a world leader in lighting, today announced that its UK company, which is branded ‘Glamox Luxonic’, has changed its company brand name to ‘Glamox’, effective today. The change recognises the growing power of the Glamox brand, the development of the UK business, particularly over the last five years, and the group’s commitment to continued growth in the UK.

Glamox, which has been present in the UK market since 1967, acquired the Luxonic Group Ltd in April 2019. The UK company has a production facility in Basingstoke, England, where it manufactures indoor and outdoor LED luminaires for commercial buildings, offices, schools, and industrial buildings. Increasingly, its Basingstoke plant is producing luminaires that are being marketed and sold not only in the UK but across Glamox’s main European markets.

“We see strong growth in the UK lighting market in the years ahead. At the same time, we now have the scale and capabilities to support the global group,” said David Hunt, Managing Director of Glamox’s UK business. “We have huge knowledge and expertise in the UK market, supported by a best-in-class manufacturing facility, so the time is right to simplify our brand name and leverage the growing awareness of the Glamox brand.”

“The Luxonic brand will continue to be used for existing branded products but will eventually disappear over time as all the new products are branded Glamox,” said Nina Hol, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for the Glamox Group. “From a practical sense, nothing changes for our customers and partners. They will continue to enjoy the quality products and services they are used to.”

Glamox Luxonic’s customers tend to be consultants and contractors. End-user customers include BNP Paribas Bank, Heathrow Airport, Bloomberg, Amazon, Astra Zeneca,, British Airways, Bank of England, McLaren Automotive, Ford, ABP ports, and Scottish Power, to name a few.

Glamox Luxonic’s legal name will change later this year.
There was a lot of interest in Glamox’s latest Scandinavian designer luminaires during the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, earlier this month. Glamox showcased its latest additions to its Luxo Nordic Collection and Motus range of designer LED luminaires.

The award-winning family of decorative pendants in the Luxo Nordic Collection is expanded with three new members designed by Hans Bleken Rud, an Industrial Designer at Glamox, and Andreas Murray, an Industrial Designer from Permafrost, the award-winning design studio in Oslo.

“Alp, Lun, and Frö are a natural continuation of the Luxo Nordic Collection family, with their clear inspiration from the Nordic landscape. Alp and Lun have expressions that approach basic forms; the triangle and the circle, while Frö is stripped down to the very core of the Nordic Collection, bringing forth the advanced and flexible light engine specially designed for the purpose. With these clean and minimalist shapes, it was important to simplify the suspension with only a discreet textile cable and a small ceiling box,” said Hans Bleken Rud.

Luxo ALP takes inspiration from the peaks found in the Nordic landscape. Its angular lines give it the confidence to make a statement and combine elegant design with professional quality. Its contemporary aesthetic and powder-coated steel shade provide a modern look and feel while adding a touch of sophistication. Luxo Alp is available in a variety of colours. Indulge in the beauty of ALP's elegant form and sleek lines, as it beckons you to discover a world of majestic peaks and the grand Nordic landscape. ALP thrives in social areas and public spaces, effortlessly creating a captivating ambiance. With the confidence to make a statement on its own, it adds a touch of uniqueness when combined in various sizes and colours. ALP introduces a contemporary aesthetic with its powder-coated steel shade, giving it a modern look and feel, adding a touch of sophistication.

Luxo ALP

Luxo LUN is a spherical pendant luminaire that radiates a soft and diffused light to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere, evocative of Scandinavian twilight. Its frosted glass dome is available in three sizes: 250, 300, or 350mm width. LUN lets you linger in the slow Scandinavian twilight. Its soothing and inviting qualities thoughtfully evoke a sense of tranquillity and possibilities. LUN is designed to recreate the delicate Nordic light. The pendant takes the form of a sphere. It radiates a soft and diffused light, creating a calm atmosphere of comfort. LUN is available in three different sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for any environment.

Luxo LUN

Luxo FRÖ is the core of all pendants in the Nordic Collection. Its simple but elegant design shows clean lines and satin-smooth finishes. Three available variations offer numerous opportunities for imaginative lighting setups. FRÖ is the core of all pendants in the Nordic Collection. With its clean lines and satin-smooth finishes, it blooms by itself and when united with other FRÖ pendants. The pendant is found in three variations, each inviting you to embrace the beauty of nature’s spectacle. Unleash a flourishing harmony by arranging FRÖ in groups, aligning them in lines, or suspending them at different heights.

Luxo FRÖ

Luxo Motus is a Red Dot Design Award-winning family of luminaires with unique design features and excellent light output. Motus fuses ergonomic functionality with clean Scandinavian minimalist design. The collection includes task lights, wall-mounted, freestanding, and pendant luminaires. The latest addition to the family is Motus Line designed by Hans Bleken Rud.

Motus Line

Motus Line is a sleek Scandinavian-designed pendant linear luminaire for mounting above a workstation. It has a monolithic shape devoid of cuts and irregularities. It combines high efficacy with glare control and impeccable lighting uniformity – meeting high expectations in terms of performance and aesthetics. The luminaire, which provides down and uplight, is equipped with two infrared switches so that you can set the light level to your personal preference for both indirect and direct light. The body is made from extruded aluminium and comes in white or black. Motus Line is available with a variety of lumen outputs, colour temperatures, and wired and wireless versions. There are also versions with a PIR and daylight sensor.

“Scandinavian design is known for combining function with style. Since our iconic Luxo L-1 desk lamp of 1937, the Luxo brand has been synonymous with applying these design principles to lighting professional workspaces. This series of pendants is living proof that elegant design can be done without the expense of professional quality and high light comfort,” said Andreas Eliasson, Luxo Product Manager for Glamox’s Professional Building Solutions business.

All the above products are available now across Europe.
Glamox is replicating its success in lighting European offshore windfarms with three separate orders for LED lighting for the turbine foundation transition pieces for three fixed offshore windfarms in Taiwan and South Korea.

“The energy transition from offshore hydrocarbons to renewable power presents us with huge opportunities,” said Tommy Stranden, Chief Commercial & Sales Officer of Glamox’s Marine, Offshore & Wind business. “We lead the way globally in lighting wind farms and are seeing strong interest in our LED lighting portfolio worldwide. We’ve been lighting offshore structures for around 50 years and are unique in providing a one-stop-shop for technical lighting for wind farms and their installation and support vessels.”

All three contracts are for lighting offshore wind turbine foundation transition pieces. These steel structures connect the wind turbines to their monopile foundations. The transition piece helps with the alignment of the turbine tower. It protects the foundation from corrosion and is equipped with access components such as platforms, ladders, and boat landing systems. It must therefore be well-lit for access and maintenance and requires lighting that is capable of withstanding harsh marine conditions.

Glamox announced the following contracts:

Hai Long Wind Farm 2 and 3, Taiwan: wind farm with an installed capacity of 1,044 MW, located 40-50 km offshore in the Taiwan Strait at depths of 35-55 m. Glamox was awarded a contract from SK Oceanplant, the Korean fabricator, to provide 468 linear Glamox TL60-1200 LED luminaires and 52 Glamox RLX80 floodlights to light 52 transition pieces. The installation of the lighting will be done by SK Oceanplant and is expected to be completed in Q2 of 2025.

Greater Changhua 2b and 4, Taiwan: wind farm with an installed capacity of 920 MW. Located 35-60 km offshore in the Taiwan Strait at depths of up to 42 m. Glamox was awarded a contract from HSG Sungdong Shipbuilding of Korea to provide 636 Glamox MIR linear luminaires and 36 Glamox FL60 40W floodlights to light 36 transition pieces. Installation of the lighting will be undertaken at the yard and is set for completion in Q3 of 2025.

Jeonnam Phase 1, South Korea: wind farm with an installed capacity of 99 MW. Located offshore from Sinan in the Yellow Sea. Glamox was awarded a contract from Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries (HESI) of South Korea to provide 170 linear Glamox MIR luminaires, 50 linear Glamox MIX luminaires, and 28 Glamox E20-S emergency lighting kits to light 10 transition pieces. The installation of the lighting will be undertaken by HESI and is expected to be completed in Q1 of 2025.
Introducing the latest addition to the Luxo Motus family! Luxo Motus Line is a pendant luminaire designed for mounting directly above your head at your workstation.

Like the other members of the Motus family it has a sleek Scandinavian design. Motus Line is molded from one piece, with a monolithic shape devoid of cuts and irregularities.

A high efficacy combined with excellent glare control and impeccable lighting uniformity on the working surface are among the features that allow this luminaire to fulfil the highest expectations in terms of performance in addition to providing exquisite aesthetics.

Motus Line makes the adjustment of light for each individual workplace an easy task. Equipped with two infrared switches you can set the light level to your personal preference for both the indirect and direct light by giving the switches a light touch.

Glamox Unveils Luxo Motus Line Pendant Luminaire
We are thrilled to share the success of our HCL Europe Tour of events across 12 cities! From Dr Shelley James and special guests’ presentations to inspiring talks, our diverse programme has captivated audiences, fostering their knowledge of Human Centric Lighting.

Glamox embarked on an incredible journey divided into two inspiring rounds: the spring edition – Tallinn in Estonia, Oslo in Norway, Kriens in Switzerland, Helsinki in Finland, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and Copenhagen in Denmark, followed by the autumn adventure: Krakow and Warsaw in Poland, Dortmund in Germany, and Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden.

We demonstrated and explained the transformative power of good lighting in practice, engaged in enriching discussions, and the meaningful client meetings are certain to fuel even more innovation in the future. We are grateful for the experiences and connections that lit up our path, and we would like to thank you for joining us at the events!
Introducing the C88-P – the latest addition to our collection of linear lighting solutions. Designed to provide excellent lighting quality and glare control, this compact pendant luminaire is perfect for educational environments, including classrooms, offices, and conference rooms. The C88-P offers a homogenous luminance that can be achieved thanks to the creation of long light lines, making it a perfect fit for classrooms as well as offices or conference rooms.

The right light for a productive learning environment

We understand the importance of well-selected lighting in creating comfortable, flexible, and stimulating educational environments. The C88-P’s large microprismatic, edge-lit optics provide a uniform light output, creating a soft, incredibly natural-looking illumination. Its discreet bracket allows for continuous mounting, which contributes to accomplishing the even and exceptionally comfortable light distribution in long lines, ensuring the best possible visual conditions for learning. This also makes the luminous surface of the C88-P suitable for creating Human Centric Lighting solutions, supporting the students’ and teachers’ circadian rhythms and boosting their energy levels.

Functional and elegant

The C88-P is cord switch-dimmable and has a high luminous efficacy of 140 lm/W. Improved sensor solutions and row mounting options add to this product’s energy efficiency as well as its functionality.

What sets the C88-P apart is its thoughtful details. The accent groove encircling the entire luminaire body divides its surface and makes it appear lightweight and elegant. The retracted diffuser, rounded edges, and recycled powder-coated aluminium make it an eco-friendly and visually appealing choice for any educational facility.

The C88-P is a superior linear lighting solution that delivers exceptional performance, efficiency, and design. It’s a sure-fire way to enhance the learning experience for students and teachers alike, creating a comfortable and stimulating environment for all.

Oslo, Norway, 5 October 2023: Glamox, one of the world’s leading lighting companies, is partnering with GK, one of Norway’s premier technical installation contractors, to replace 34,000 fluorescent tube lights in the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) in Tromsø. The hospital opened in 2001 and is the largest in Northern Norway. The retrofit lighting project will see the hospital’s fluorescent tube luminaires replaced by a variety of Glamox energy-efficient LED luminaires, which will reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting by as much as 69 percent. The key driver for the project was the phase-out starting this year of the most common forms of fluorescent lighting due to the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

“There are at least 10 million fluorescent tubes in Norway alone, all of which will need replacing over time. Under the EU directive, fluorescent lighting is being phased out as it contains mercury, a toxic substance potentially harmful to humans and animals if not disposed of safely,” said Astrid Simonsen Joos, Group CEO of Glamox.

“Having our luminaires selected for this project is extra special for me as I was born and raised in Tromsø. The UNN hospital is a pioneer in doing what’s right for its patients, staff, and the environment. I’m also pleased that the switch to our LED luminaires will enable the hospital to make significant electricity savings on lighting and reduce its carbon footprint,” said Simonsen Joos.

The lighting comprises LED linear luminaires, downlighters, as well as ‘LED kits’. The latter allows the existing luminaire housing to be reused. The new lighting will be installed in all areas of the hospital’s buildings, including wards, patient recovery rooms, staff rooms, toilets, offices, technical rooms, and accommodation for nurses. Some of the luminaires will be connected and controlled using a DALI-based control system.

GK will also install Glamox’s special cleanroom luminaires in operating theatres. These are luminaires made from materials that can withstand heavy cleaning regimes and tested at the Fraunhofer IPA facility for the testing of ultraclean technology in Stuttgart, Germany.

Many of the new LED luminaires in the hospital are ‘connect ready,’ meaning that, in the future, they can be connected to smart light management systems for monitoring and precise control.

GK will undertake the installation in phases and has a contract with the Hospital Purchasing Service (Sykehusinnkjøp HF) until July 2025, with the option for up to a two-year extension.
Meet the new CANOS G2 - excellent for refurbishment projects. CANOS G2 is a downlight that’s easy to choose for your project. Thanks to various available mounting variants – recessed, pendant and surface-mounted – the luminaire can easily be adapted to any interior. It's a great choice for general and accent lighting, but also a reliable emergency luminaire. Moreover, the 93° wide light distribution variant (available in the 175 version) is perfect for lighting passageways or social rooms.

The easy choice
Easy-to-use mounting springs, two sizes, an HF or DALI driver and different lumen out values make CANOS G2 the easy choice for any project. The die-cast aluminium body and high quality LED light sources ensure a long lifetime and great energy efficiency.

Fits all the most popular ceilings
The CANOS G2’s construction with a height of only 91 mm saves space in the ceiling void, which allows for effortless assembly in most of the commonly used ceiling systems.

Savings for you…and the environment
By choosing CANOS G2 with DALI lighting controls, you gain complete control over your lighting installation. You can easily create ready-made lighting scene schedules, or you can use sensors to adapt the lighting to the number of people in a specific room and to their ongoing needs. This way, you’re reducing electricity consumption, saving money and diminishing your carbon footprint.

Excellent for refurbishment projects
175 and 210 mm are the standard cut-out dimensions for old fluorescent downlights, which makes them a perfect for a one-to-one replacement when refurbishing an existing installation.

Who says robust marine luminaires can’t look stylish too? Glamox, one of the world’s leading lighting companies, has launched a new range of stylish recessed ceiling luminaires to help operators of vessels and offshore installations to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. The AL40 LED range of indoor luminaires is specially designed to light the interior of vessels and offshore installations. The robust luminaires provide comfortable and glare-free lighting for locations where crew and passengers spend a lot of time. This includes offices, cabin corridors, staircases, crew cabins, control rooms, and the bridge. On an offshore rig, the AL40 luminaire is ideal for areas like the gym, locker rooms, mess rooms and crew areas.

The first vessel to use the Glamox AL40 is Royal Caribbean International’s next-generation cruise ship, Icon of the Seas. This impressive vessel will feature 50 luminaires in its offices.

Vessel and rig owners are under increasing pressure to cut energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. The International Maritime Organization has set a goal for Net Zero emissions from shipping by 2050 and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 70% - striving for 80% - by 2040, compared to 2008 levels. Also, from 1 January 2023, it became mandatory for qualifying vessels to calculate their attained Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) to measure their energy efficiency, and to collect data for the reporting of their annual operational carbon intensity indicator (CII) and CII rating. A vessel’s carbon intensity links greenhouse gas emissions to the amount of cargo carried over the distance they travel.

“Our new environmentally friendly luminaires will help vessel operators to comply with greenhouse gas reduction targets and new regulations. The luminaires fit nearly all marine ceilings, are easy to install, and meet the latest fire ratings. Although designed for robust life at sea, their sleek minimalistic design gives them stylish looks too,” said Håkon Helmersen, Chief Commercial & Sales Officer, Marine, Offshore & Wind division at Glamox. “The luminaires can be equipped with motion sensors and be connected and controlled using a Glamox Light Management System to drive even greater energy efficiencies.”

The AL40 luminaire is principally aimed at new builds and, size permitting, can also be used in retrofit installations. When used with a light management system and sensors, the AL40 can save up to 90 percent of the electricity used by conventional fluorescent luminaires.

The fully marine-approved AL-40 range has a standard light output of 2200lm to 4000lm and light colour of 3000K and 4000K. Other variants are available on request. The luminaire is vibration resistant, meaning it can cope with harsh conditions, such as those on fishing or offshore supply vessels. The range comprises the entry-level and upgradeable AL40-GP (M) and the deluxe AL40-R (M). Both can come with an emergency lighting system with either a three-hour battery pack or an internal battery for the short luminaire.
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