What is a flush mount wall sconce

A flush mount wall sconce attaches directly to the wall, with no space between the vertical surface and the main body of the fixture. Flush mount lights unobtrusively hug the wall without the use of arms or extending designs that take up too much space. This allow them to easily fit into narrow and out-of-the-way places and blend more seamlessly into any space than other types of wall lights. These wall lights are incredibly versatile and can be used in foyers, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and entryways.

Creating a balanced visual composition with wall sconces

Flush mount wall lights are more often used to provide ambient or accent lighting. Every room should have a mix of lighting such that a fully usable, adaptive space can be created. Overhead fixtures such as statement pendants and stunning chandeliers are usually the primary source of ambient light for a room, but having a balanced combination of wall sconces with ceiling mounted lights can create a more attractive, functional and inviting environment. The flattering ambient light provided by flush mount sconces lends refinement to the room and can compensate for where the overhead light fixture doesn’t reach or isn’t an option. Flush mount wall sconces are also used as accent pieces that add depth and dimension to a spaces by highlighting architectural features. Accent lighting reinforces design aesthetics and creates a visual interest in the space.

Light distribution characteristics

Flush mount wall sconces are usually encased to offer glare-free lighting. As ambient lights, the light source of the wall sconce is often covered by an opal shade which gently diffuse the light for a comforting ambiance. As accent lights, the light source is shielded at the eye level. Light is projected upward towards the ceiling and/or escapes from the bottom of the fixture. By passing a narrow beam of light to create an interesting uplight grazing effect, the uplight sconce make a textured wall pop. Uplights are also a wonderful way to draw attention to artwork and other visual interests, showcase a decorative ceiling or make narrow hallways look wider and brighter. Downlights illuminate the floor below providing both safety and style. Sconces with both uplights and downlights give your room a more balanced feel. Flush mount wall sconces are often used to create a playful display of shadow and light that adds powerful feeling of depth and drama to an otherwise neutral setting.

Making a design statement with LED lighting

While flush mount wall sconces are more about function than style, but it doesn’t necessary mean that they have to be mundane and boring. The incorporation of LEDs results in not only significantly improved efficiency and extended lifespan, but more creative form factors and sleek designs. Traditional flush mount wall sconces are lamp-based systems that are configured around bulky light bulbs. LED wall sconces are increasingly embracing an integrated design which substantially reduces the depth and volume of the wall light fixture. LEDs are incorporated into wall sconces in a way that addresses both the aesthetical and optical requirements, allowing to create stunning designs that fuse form and function.