TRILUX GmbH & Co. KG has characterized both the history and the future of light for more than 100 years, with the aim of creating artificial light that is just as efficient, diverse and sustainable as the sun itself. TRILUX offers pioneering lighting solutions for office, industry, retail, education, health care and outdoor applications. With its complete product portfolio for light around buildings, TRILUX becomes a full supplier and enables lighting concepts for both the interior and exterior of buildings from a single source.

Whatever your requirements, we provide you with easy access to ideally coordinated, individual light. Custom-designed, future-compliant components and products are transformed into solutions from a single cast in terms of technology and design. With us as a partner you can look forward to optimum results because planning, technology and a product portfolio tailor-made for indoor and outdoor applications all come from a single source and are ideally matched. This is what we call SIMPLIFY YOUR LIGHT. TRILUX SIMPLIFY YOUR LIGHT represents the most simple and reliable path to customised, energy-efficient and sustainable lighting solutions. In the dynamic and ever more complex lighting market, customers are provided with optimal advice, ideal orientation and perfect light. At TRILUX we offer various levels of lighting consultation. This starts with advice for a standard-compliant lighting calculation (Basic) and ranges to holistic room observation (Comfort) and the creation of an individual light situation and support with building certification (ComfortPlus).

TRILUX features unique expertise and solution capacity when it comes to special luminaire manufacturing, which also benefits your project. In the industrial sector the appropriate illumination of works roads is an important factor. This not only improves safety but also increases visual comfort to a great extent. TRILUX LED luminaires achieve simple orientation and improve accident prevention thanks to early detection of obstacles, which in turn facilitates work processes. And finally, they are precisely matched to their application area in terms of efficiency, durability and quality of materials. Our outdoor lighting solutions are not only the perfect solution for street lighting, but are also used next to buildings as well as on green spaces and open areas. TRILUX aims to responsibly design the complete urban landscape together with you for the benefit of society, enabling as many people as possible to profit of mature lighting solutions. The sports sector is no exception when it comes to the challenge of changing leisure habits, and artificial light is becoming ever more important in this regard. TRILUX LED systems are compelling in terms of energy efficiency and robustness, and reliably provide ideal visual conditions. Good lighting must provide more than just optimum visual conditions complying with the appropriate standards. Good lighting must provide more than just optimum visual conditions complying with the appropriate standards. Light colour and lighting intensity, for example, can influence mood and well-being. The biological rhythm of people can also be improved by orienting the lighting solution to the natural course of daylight. TRILUX provides a human centric lighting solution based on a professionally planned lighting concept where all components are precisely matched to the requirements of the client and the specific application.

The lighting of the future is intelligent and networked. It provides users with enormous optimisation potential on all levels thanks to features like dimming, sensor control, Human Centric Lighting, cloud monitoring, location-based services and asset tracking. And there is more: a networked lighting installation creates the perfect infrastructure for networking school applications and thus forms the foundation for digital educational facilities of the future today. With LiveLink, intelligence comes to light: be it an entry-level or customised project solution – the light management system enables realising digital services, representing the key to intelligent control for digital educational facilities. Thanks to wireless solutions, LiveLink also makes it easy to implement refurbishment projects.
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