Welcome to a universe of limitless possibilities. With the new LiveLink ONE App, light management becomes a fast, easy, and secure task. Even complex lighting systems can be easily configured and controlled individually – all with just one click.

The new LiveLink ONE app opens up the whole world of light management with a single click. The entire system is automatically fully functional and can then be intuitively adapted to the individual project. Whether it's industrial, logistics, or office areas, create the perfect lighting environment across spaces and save energy with intuitive control. Even complex lighting systems can be configured and controlled with ease.

LiveLink is ready for operation and fully functional right from the first start. All system devices are recognised automatically and can be easily adapted to the individual project via the user-friendly LiveLink ONE app. Highly practical: configuring the system can be carried out by the electrical contractor in any sequence – functionality is always maintained.

An LED solution controlled with LiveLink reduces energy consumption by up to 85% compared to unregulated conventional lighting systems. This also lowers energy costs for the lighting and reduces the own carbon footprint. Light management is already mandatory in many tenders and certifications.

Intelligent light management increases the quality of light and enhances visual comfort. LiveLink ONE offers numerous pre-set features such as Human Centric Lighting as well as functions for daylight-dependent control and presence control. In addition, light scenes can be flexibly programmed and called up at the touch of a button either via push-button or app, which means: always exactly the right light for the various tasks and individual needs.

With the LiveLink ONE app, luminaires can be individually grouped and controlled. The newly integrated Multiroom function enables both individual control of individual rooms and central, room-wide control. This optimizes the utilization of a DALI line and simplifies commissioning, as only one controller is required.

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