Grupo Prilux Iluminación S.L.U. is a family business of second generation with more than 30 years of experience in the lighting sector.

In Prilux we focus all our effort on I+D, on LED technology. In our three divisions: ACTIVA, TÉCNICO and DECORATIVO we design, produce and commercialize lamps, indoor and outdoor luminaires and lighting solutions which meet the needs and requirements of our clients. We enjoy building a high technology lighting business.

We are a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team composed of more than 150 persons. We strive every day to be a worldwide reference in lighting business and offer markets high technology in lighting with an unbeatable price-quality relationship and a personalized advice to our clients in their projects offering a fast service.

With headquarters in Toledo and after 25 years focused on the Spanish market we export to a large number of countries in Europe, Eastern Europe, Morocco, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique , Angola , Cuba , Dominican Republic , Chile , Mexico , Saudi Arabia , Qatar and Brasil among others. Currently we have a branch with our own facilities in Barcelona and Brasil as a trading and logistic platform to ensure a greater coverage and service delivery to our clients.

For the production of our LED modules we have at our disposal a “Clean Room” and a SMD automatic line (Pick & Place) of the latest generation which is actually being certified by ENEC to guarantee the security and quality of our products during their production and after introducing them o the market. We design our own PCB on which basis we produce the modules intended for lighting solutions “Made in Spain”.

Our production procedures are completely computerized which allows us to perform an exhaustive quality control and a total traceability of the product in each production stage and following the current regulations.

During 2016 we introduced in the production process the “Made in Spain” products with a new specific quality control to ensure the electric security and detect defects in materials ,insufficient connections and improper installation. This testing helps us verify at the end of production of the fabricated equipment meet the basic requirements of the UNE-EN60598 regulation of electric security in luminaires for the user and the installation technician.

For projects of major engineering exigence we offer our clients the projects department which studies and designs lighting solutions by means of specially designed software.

Actually we have solutions for industry, offices, public and street lighting, retail stores, supermarkets and shopping centres, sport facilities, parkings, hotels, hospitals, schools and universities... We offer creative customized solutions to our clients respecting the regulations and with a particular focus on the human welfare and the energy efficiency.

We have highly qualified engineers and designers capable of responding to the requirements of our customers. We have our own laboratories, an SMD electronic assembly line, clean rooms for LED assembly and almost 20,000 square metres of facilities.

With the Software of parametric modeling we create our “Made in Spain” and 3D luminaires to develop better solutions and have multiple virtual prototypes which allow us to meet the requirements and needs of our clients.

The thermal management is of particular importance in each LED luminaire. For this reason we use simulation tools to predict these behaviours and optimize the solutions we create to reach the greatest achievements. We use a thermal tool based on the computational fluid dynamics CFD with which we not only simulate the heat conduction procedures but also the ones of radiation and convection which determine the real behavior which we test in our Laboratory.

Our laboratory manages the certification projects with external entities such as AENOR and El Instituto Astronómico de Canarias (IAC) among others. The IAC has certified some of our Ambar LED luminaires as suitable for zones E1, which are astronomically protected areas.
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