Pool lights are installed on or in the wall of a pool or spa a short distance below the waterline. They illuminate the water to ensure safe swimming during nighttime while creating an appealing waterscape. Nothing provides a sense of safety and brings out the natural beauty and shimmer of water better than underwater illumination. Whether you’re maximizing the visibility of your pool, setting the mood for an intimate evening, or creating decorative lighting accent, underwater illumination is a stunning addition to your waterscape.

LED pool lights are waterproof systems that are designed for continuously immersed applications. These luminaires are constructed of marine grade stainless steel or other materials that can contribute to a lasting durability, corrosion resistance. An underwater LED luminaire has a shatterproof lens made of high strength polymers or tempered glass that can withstand tremendous impact from pool toys and swimmer. A one-piece molded silicone gasket seals the lens and face ring (lens frame) to the housing. All entry points and material transition of the luminaire are thoroughly sealed to prevent water entry (IP68).

Pool lights are available in single color and multi-color options. The monochromatic white LED system is used to deliver functional illumination. The multi-color version has an RGB or RGBW LED module which can provide color changing lighting or produce a vibrant spectrum of colors through additive color mixing. LED pool lights can be controlled using a standard wall-mount light switch or a remote controller. Multi-color RGB LED luminaires can easily be integrated into to the DMX system. A DMX controller can feed pre-programmed and custom dynamic effects or light shows to installations incorporating a group of individually controllable nodes. Pool lights are generally low-voltage systems which are safe and less costly to install.