sports lighting

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    Products High Bay Lights for Sports Halls, Gymnasiums, Indoor Sports Courts

    High bay lights are the workhorse contributor to the luminous environment in an indoor sports facility which has a small spectator capacity or where the compactness of the building structure creates issues with the use of floodlighting luminaires. In general, these luminaires are installed in...
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    Products LED Stadium Lights | Professional Sports Floodlighting Systems

    LED stadium lights are high power floodlighting luminaires designed to distribute light in a sports playing area over long distances. These directional luminaires are installed at appropriate heights around the sports field of a stadium to create a luminous environment that provides excellent...
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    Products LED Arena Lights | Professional Indoor Sports Floodlighting Systems

    An LED arena light is frequently a high power directional luminaire designed for illumination of large, multi-purpose indoor event venues. These venues are commonly known as arenas. They are places where sports, rodeos, animal shows, concerts, circuses, trade shows, and other public and...
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    Products Sports Field Lights | LED Floodlights for Baseball, Soccer, Football Fields

    Sports field lights are designed to project controlled beams of light onto the playing area of an aerial sports ground such as a baseball, soccer, football, cricket, or hockey field. Sports field lighting is served by direct distribution floodlights which can be aimed with a substantial degree...
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    Products Outdoor Sports Court Lights

    Outdoor sports courts are commonly found in recreational facilities, schools, colleges, training facilities, parks and youth camps. They can be dedicated sites for playing basketball, tennis, volleyball, or multi-sport courts that incorporate the lines for many different sports into one court...
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    Products Tennis Court Lights

    Tennis court lights are fixed or aimable lighting systems that produce, control, and distribute light for illumination of venues where the sport of tennis is played. Enjoyed by people of all ages, at all levels of ability, tennis is one of the most widely-played sports throughout the world...