An appealing waterscape attracts the eye like a magnet. Underwater lighting is used to show off water’s magical qualities after dark and create dramatic effects of water movement in fountains and water features. Whether it’s a three-tiered fountain, a tranquil pond, a rambling stream or a spectacular waterfall, the glow of underwater lighting brings an intriguing display to the visual experience and makes every breeze a detail remembered. The play of light that emanates from a water feature creates a peaceful, mirrored surface when the water is in its harmony, and a glimmering effect when it is rippling in the breeze.

Underwater landscape lights are developed to provide an impressive accent to ponds and fountains. These fixtures are equipped with color changing/mixing RGB/RGBW LED modules or white light LED arrays that operate from a low voltage power supply. The light engine includes secondary optics that regulate luminous flux from the light source for precision illumination. The LED module is operated by an integrated controller that interpret digital control signals and regulate the current to individual LEDs to produce predictable colors from an RGB/RGBW LEDs. The ability to control lights with external DMX controllers along with apps for the Android and iPhone smartphones allows to create virtually endless range of dramatic underwater lighting effects with a touch of your fingertips.

LED pond and fountain Lights are constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel or corrosion resistant metal for rugged durability. An impact resistant tempered glass lens is held in place to protect the LEDs using a low copper die cast aluminum or stainless steel lens frame and stainless steel hardware. An IP68 rating allows the fixtures to be fully submerged in water to a depth of up to 5 meters. Power is provided through a waterproof entry.