A pillar light or pier mount light is installed on the entry pillar of a house or the pier of a perimeter wall. It provides localized ambient lighting to illuminate a safe passage to the home’s entrance. Outdoor perimeter lighting delivered by pier mount lights serves to deter intruder access attempts by reducing the possibilities of concealment.

Aside from facilitating safety and security, the physical appearance and photometric performance of pier mount lights must reinforce the aesthetic appeal of outdoor properties. These light fixtures are among the most important character-defining elements of outdoor spaces due to their prominent presence both during the day and at night. Outdoor pillar lights are specifically designed to complement the desired look of the landscape, ensuring people are greeted in style.

Pier mount lights look much like post top lights and also take the form of lanterns. Conventional fixtures and lamp-based systems which the fixtures are designed to accommodate light bulbs. Modern pier mount lights are integrated LED systems which are engineered for optimum performance and exploit the design flexibility associated with LED technology.

Pier mount lights are weather-proof fixtures designed to withstand direct exposure to rain, moisture, and ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.