Artemide S.p.A. is a worldwide leader in lighting design with an unparalleled commitment to technological innovation and research. The company ranks as the world’s most prestigious contemporary lighting manufacturers for contract and residential lighting. Founded in 1959 in Milan by E. Gismondi, Artemide is known for its philosophy of "The Human Light", placing men and the pursuit of their well-being at its core.

Artemide has always been a synonym for Design, Architecture, Innovation and “Made in Italy”. The company collaborates with designers and architects from all over the world, aware that the background from which designers come from contaminates and increases the quality of the project. Artemide, thus becomes a hub where different skills and professionalism meet: our designers share not only technical and production aspects with us but also contribute to increasing the cultural network that grows around our company. Artemide has always collaborated with renowned international designers, contributing to the history of the international design with products like Eclisse (1967, from Vico Magistretti), Tolomeo (1989, from Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina) and Pipe (2004, from Herzog & De Meuron), all showed at the Compasso D'oro Awards. In 1994 Artemide received The "Compaso D'oro" career Award and European Design Prize In 1997.

Artemide offers a wide collection of products with infinite solutions, to be able to fit any space and moment of the day, allowing anyone to be the creator of his or her own light. Technology and innovation become a specific kind of beauty that invites a correlation with the light object. The iconic Artemide products are timeless and are part of our life thanks to the high quality that allows them to be long lasting.

Artemide has collections for Design, Outdoor, and Architectural lighting. Artemide is the key player of light design in any application field: Residential, Hospitality, Retail, Museum, Office & Education, Public Spaces, Urban and Landscape Outdoor. The complete range of its collection is the strength that allows the brand to fill the requirements of any kind of space. Artemide satisfies the location by combining typologies, functionalities, performances, applications, aesthetics and state of the art technological solutions and thus by granting access to people and to ethical and sustainable values.

Artemide’s Human Light pays attention to the physiological and psychological well-being of man, to color and the different temperatures of white. Moreover, it creates dynamic sceneries in the domestic environment that could simply be controlled through Artemide App.

The Artemide outdoor collection is suitable for any type of open space and for modelling any kind of urban or natural scenery, be it public or private. Artemide is developing outdoor lighting solutions able to characterize the urban environment and to communicate with the city management systems and individual users, in order to generate different types of lighting effects and distribute data and energy.

Artemide not only develops systems that satisfy the needs of traditional workplaces, but also of mutable workspaces, which have become more technological, more scattered and more interconnected.

Artemide’s products are essential elements with very high performances and efficiencies, suitable for any type of retail space: fashion, jewellery, beauty, technology, automotive, food.

Artemide offers a controlled light from every aspect, perfect for the highly specialized requirements of museum spaces.

A wide variety of products fills in the several needs of hospitality spaces with solutions that could be considered functional, minimal, integrated, scenic and remarkable.
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