Artemide confirms its participation in Light + Building 2024 with sustainable products born from continuous research, experimentation and technological innovation.

This ongoing focus on the future is supported by a tradition of values and knowledge, a history of design and business culture that translates into quality products through collaboration with leading international architectural firms.
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We are pleased to present IDX - Your Stage, a collaborative project bringing together Artemide, Ege Carpets and Gabriel. These premium brands redefine the approach to customer loyalty, creating spaces for meeting and networking across traditional boundaries.

With a shared vision of creativity, sustainability and stimulation, IDX offers a platform dedicated to meeting and sharing ideas on design and architecture. "Your Stage" goes beyond a slogan, providing a stage for meetings, events and exhibitions, offering an immersive experience.

The acronym IDX, where 'ID' stands for Interior Design, Identity and Idea, and 'X' for Experience, Exhibition and Exchange, reflects the aim of creating co-branding places based on co-working. IDX is a versatile space for dialogue and networking, inspiring through the interplay of light, colour and texture.

The centrepiece of each IDX venue is the stage, a focal point for presentations and discussions, with the possibility of using it as a mock-up area. Artemide, a leader in lighting design, contributes its advanced lighting technology by taking a responsible approach to the environment.

INTEGRALIS® is technology that combines sanitizing efficacy with luminous performance and beautiful design. It was born from Artemide’s scientific and technological research and humanistic and social vision. INTEGRALIS® integrates itself in both the environments and moments of life by interpreting the rhythms and needs of humankind. INTEGRALIS® is an innovative and a sustainable light platform aimed at a conscious and responsible use towards the environment.

INTEGRALIS® allows you to experience spaces safely, it can also act in the presence of people and supports our activities with perfect light. At the selected wavelenght light has an antimicrobial activity against pathogenic microorganisms while not being offensive for people, pets and plants.

INTEGRALIS® follows the rhythm of life working on the concept of “dose”. A “dose” is the measure of the density of energy to be applied to the environment surface depending on the variables above to determine the desired antimicrobial effects.

Discover the INTEGRALIS® collection here.
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