PUK Italia Group S.r.l. produces floodlights, inground lights, underwater lights, wall lights, downlights and bollards, with particular attitude to associate high-quality materials along with newest and most advanced technologies, especially with the LED products.

Outdoor lighting is one of the most challenging and competitive sectors of design. Architects, landscapers, and draftsmen all over the world demand products of maximum quality, and they are constantly looking for innovative solutions, technical excellence, and consistent performances. For these reasons, PUK is always searching for technological upgrades (from miniaturisation to LEDs) and maximum flexibility, committing to improve the quality and reliability of its product range. Read more »

That is why here at P.U.K. we are open to constant technological upgrades (from miniaturisation to LEDs) and we strive to improve the quality and reliability of our range. We produce one of the most complete and competitive world-class collections available on the international market, offering a five-year warranty and a full warranty on LED products.

We follow each project with the greatest care and attention, offering effective collaboration to enhance all aspects, whether they may be technical, structural, expressive or related to performance. We operate all over the world and are proud to say that we have become a point of reference in the field of outdoor lighting.

We are as ambitious and determined as you are and we can work with you to create something spectacular and unique. We are ready to create the perfect light, lighting that will enhance the features and benefits of your project.

We are competitive, professional, flexible and fast. We provide fast, helpful and decisive answers, for both technical and sales issues. Our experience speaks volumes: we have worked on ambitious projects all over the world with successful architects, lighting designers and consultants of international acclaim.

We give our all to every project, irrespective of the size or importance of the job. We never stop, we always strive to exceed our goals. That is just the way we are. What really counts is the result: accepting new challenges and meeting expectations. Exceeding them, if possible.
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