Philips Hue is the world leader in smart lighting. With its range of smart LED bulbs, light fixtures, lamps, sensors, and smart switches, Philips Hue brings smart lighting to everyday homes. The smart lighting system lets you set the mood with beautiful colors and Scenes, set up convenient timers and automations to help you feel safer in your surroundings, use the best light for your daily activities, and help make your life that much easier.

Philips Hue is a smart, connected lighting system that lets people wirelessly personalize their home lighting, playing with tone, brightness and color to create any mood they can imagine. Easy to retrofit, the starter kit consists of three wireless LED light bulbs, a connecting bridge, and a dedicated app.

In 2008, when app development became accessible to the public for the first time, a young interaction designer at Philips had a light bulb moment. He created an app that displayed the Philips LivingColors color wheel more dynamically on a smartphone. In collaboration with technology and strategy experts this inspired idea grew to form Philips Hue: a retro-fittable, connected home lighting system that lets people personalize tone, brightness and color to create any mood they can imagine

Light has a major impact on our wellbeing, moods and emotions. It inspires, attracts, communicates, sets the scene, helps us relax and focus as needed and can create an extension of yourself. Philips Hue allows you to easily control and personalize the lighting in your home remotely through a wireless connection. It can be retro-fitted into existing light fixtures and is easy to install and use. The availability of thousands of apps makes it possible to make the most of the connected system in a way that suits you, such as setting up alarms and alerts, timing lights, or synchronizing lights with music.

Turn your everyday living into an extraordinary experience. Transform your home and paint your walls with light. This is turning your imagination into an immersive experience. Enable health and wellbeing of you and your family by letting you select the right light level and color for each of your tasks and routines. Customized light recipes help you relax, read, concentrate, energize, wake up to natural sunlight or wind down and relax. Control lights from anywhere in the world and simplify your life giving you a peace of mind.

Each year, we at Philips invest heavily in research to gather insights, further deepening our understanding of people’s needs, desires and aspirations. Philips Hue has redefined the purpose of what light can do in people’s homes. Looking towards the future where many aspects of a home will be connected with Internet of Things, Philips Lighting is eager to continue leading the way in connected lighting for the home. Philips Hue is changing the way people interact and experience lighting.

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Their lights are amazing, giving you lots to play around with.
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