OLEV. Only LED, Only Design is an Italian brand of designer LED lighting fixtures.

OLEV is a brand at the forefront of lighting developing solutions that bring together technology, scientific studies on well-being and design.

The brand was created in 2014 by Andrea Lanaro, an entrepreneur who has been working in the lighting industry for more than 25 years.

OLEV was the first brand to launch a full range of LED-based decorative lamps. We work closely with lighting designers, architects, and interior designers.

Using LED technology, OLEV develops lighting fixtures that adjust the light to the time of day, the environment, and the specific activities performed in the spaces. From the living room of a house to the workplace, OLEV’s lighting for well-being satisfies the psycho- physical needs of people in the same way sunlight would.

Today LED lights allow us to build dynamic lighting systems , designed to improve comfort in every moment of your life.

OLEV's Biolight OLEV technology reproduces the variation of natural light in a completely automatic way.

The Dim to Warm technology allows you to control the colour temperature of the light and its intensity at the same time.

Tunable White technology allows separate control of colour temperature and light intensity.

Our flexible production allows us to produce soundabsorbing lamps, lamps that filter and purify the air, lamps that reproduce the variation of natural light in a completely automatic way.

All OLEV’s lights are made in Italy, and the handmade finishes make for the unique Italian artisanal touch.
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