A strong artistic focus

A decorative wall light is a visually striking fixture that sets the tone of the space, brings personality to an otherwise plain space, and ties in the design and style with the rest of the décor. Decorative wall lights differentiate themselves from technical or architectural lighting in that they are designed to be an ornamental element of the interior. The statement piece draws attention to itself and reinforces the theme and style of the space. Decorative lighting can also help to create a sense of human scale and contribute a feeling of hospitality, intimacy and comfort. A stunning light fixture can embellish the décor in its own right and make a visual statement.

Lighting itself can be a work of art

Decorative lighting is more about style than function. It serves no purpose other than to enhance the look of the space, add sparkle to a room, or be a conversation piece as a design element. However, the best decorative light fixtures will be the perfect marriage of form and function. Apart from the look of the fixture, the showpiece of decorative sentiment can incorporate various layers of light to create a fully usable, adaptive space. Decorative wall lights are used to fill in unpleasant shadows created by overhead light fixtures such as ceiling lights, pendants or chandeliers. They are also used as accent pieces to place visual emphasis on whatever deserves to be noticed. Some decorative fixtures provide task illumination which enables people to see the critical details of an activity.

Decorative wall lights open a litany of decor options

Blurring the boundaries between design and art, decorative wall lights are meticulously crafted with intriguing artistry, captivating silhouettes, appealing geometry and intricate details. These light fixtures are available in an array of styles that allow you create a cohesive look. Traditional design celebrates the authentic blend of ornate crafting, elaborate details and intentional symmetry. Transitional style wall sconces is a fusion between old and new, a mix of masculine and feminine, and an updated take on a classic aesthetics. Contemporary design is distinguished by dynamic designs, abstract forms, and clean lines.

LED lighting supports genuine creative freedom

The technological switch to solid state lighting changes not only the basic economics in lighting but the design philosophy of light fixtures as well. While light bulbs continue to be an element of traditional and transitional wall lights such as lantern and candle wall sconces, contemporary wall lights embrace an integrated approach to design thanks to the small size, directionality and solid state nature of LEDs. With an engaging blend of art, sculpture and light, decorative LED wall lights create a stunning expression that is anything but common.