Headquartered in Greater Cincinnati Ohio, LSI Industries Inc. is a publicly held company traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol LYTS. The company manufactures commercial lighting solutions, advanced graphic and image solutions, digital and retail display solutions. As one of the only lighting manufacturers who has integrated design, engineering, manufacturing of LED components, and controls technology within one company building in the U.S., we are uniquely poised to deliver as a single source and to produce the most efficient, high quality lighting and graphics products possible. In addition, we can provide sophisticated lighting and energy management control solutions to help customers manage their energy performance. Further, we offer design support, engineering, installation and project management for custom graphics rollout programs for today’s retail environment. Our businesses operate in several market segments including the petroleum/convenience markets, parking lot and garage markets, quickservice restaurant market, retail and grocery store markets, the automotive market, the warehouse market, and the sports complex market.

The company’s strength in non-residential lighting applications creates opportunities for it to introduce additional solutions to its customers. Our Lighting Segment manufactures, markets, and sells non-residential outdoor and indoor lighting solutions in the commercial and industrial markets, including the following vertical markets: the petroleum/convenience markets, parking lot and garage markets, quickservice restaurant market, retail and grocery store markets, the automotive market, the warehouse market, and the sports complex market. Our lighting fixtures, poles and brackets are produced in a variety of designs, styles, and finishes. Important functional variations include types of mounting, such as pole, bracket and surface, and the nature of the light requirement, such as but not limited to interior and exterior down-lighting, wall-wash lighting, canopy lighting, floodlighting, emergency exit lighting, area lighting and security lighting. We also offer a variety of lighting controls including sensors, photocontrols, dimmers, motion detection and Bluetooth systems to support our lighting fixtures. Our engineering professionals perform photometric analyses and wind load safety studies for our light fixtures.

Retail display solutions consist of graphics solutions, digital signage, and technically advanced food display equipment for strategic vertical markets. LSI’s team of internal specialists also provide comprehensive project management services in support of large-scale rollouts. The Display Solutions Segment manufactures, sells and installs exterior and interior visual image and display elements, including printed graphics, structural graphics, digital signage, menu board systems, display fixtures, refrigerated displays, and custom display elements. The major products and services offered within our Display Solutions Segment include: signage and canopy graphics, pump dispenser graphics, building fascia graphics, decals, interior signage and marketing graphics, aisle markers, wall mural graphics, and refrigerated and non-refrigerated merchandising displays.

LSI designs, engineers and manufactures most of our lighting and visual display products through the utilization of lean manufacturing principles. Our investment in our production facilities is focused primarily on improving capabilities, product quality, and manufacturing efficiency as well as environmental, health, and safety compliance. LSI Industries has been striving to deliver the most creative, innovative and cost-effective high-performance solutions in the world. That’s true in everything LSI does – from leading the way in LED technology to pioneering high-impact ways to enhance its customers’ identities. LSI is dedicated to advancing solid-state technology to make affordable, high-performance, energy efficient lighting and custom graphic products that bring high value to our customers.
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