With over 100 million Keystone lighting components in use since 1945, we believe that lighting should be simple, hassle-free, and transformational. Keystone, Light Made Easy.

Lighting is an essential part of our lives, but to most people choosing, designing, and installing quality lighting is a complicated and frustrating endeavor. We have lots of options, including different lighting technologies, product features, and companies with whom to work. Our mission at Keystone is to change the way people think about lighting.

With nearly 70 years of manufacturing experience exclusively building quality lighting components, we have secured an outstanding reputation for products that are easy to use, and personal service that makes life easy for our customers. At the core of what makes us different is our unwavering commitment to Light Made Easy.

With the advent of LED technology, we expanded our product offer beyond ballasts to include LED drivers. This was a natural transition for the company as drivers are similar in role and design to ballasts. Keystone was able to apply years of expertise in ballast manufacturing to quickly develop high quality drivers for a wide variety of applications.

Keystone’s business grew significantly along with the demand for LED drivers. It was not a big leap to start producing our own modules and Light Engines, which gave us the ability to customize complete LED systems to meet individual customer demands. Keystone has become a primary supplier for a variety of OEM accounts, who have diverse needs and product requirements.

It wasn’t too long before a Keystone engineer slipped an LED board into a tube and Keystone’s LED lamp business was born. Keystone saw immediate success with both SmartDrive (plug & play) and DirectDrive (ballast bypass) technologies. We have established ourselves as a leading resource for an ever-growing list of LED lamp types including linear, compact and HID. LED products represent the fastest growing segment of our business and we are striving each day to bring you the latest in LED lamp technology.

Now in our third generation of family leadership, Keystone is focused on the future, and continues to evolve with the changing demands of the lighting business. As our company experiences unprecedented growth, we pursue a path of leadership and quality, and remain committed to the legacy of truly personal service established when Marvin and Harold made their first sale in 1945.
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