UL 924, Underwriters Laboratories’ Standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment, requires numerous qualifications for full compliance, including a baseline level of illumination, 90 minutes of emergency lighting, and ensuring a permanent installation that cannot be easily tampered with or accidentally removed.

Keystone Technologies’ new DirectDrive T8 Emergency Backup LED Tube meets those qualifications. In fact, it’s the first true fully UL 924-compliant emergency tube with 5 CCT.

Though some products are UL Certified, there are different forms of UL certification. UL 924 certification requires that a product go through specific and rigorous testing to guarantee its adherence to UL’s specific safety and performance criteria. Non-compliant products may pose risks during emergencies, failing to provide adequate lighting or malfunctioning altogether.

For example, if an emergency lamp requires replacing and a contractor replaces it with a standard lamp, it’s now lost its emergency capability—something that occupants may not be aware of until there’s an actual emergency. The temporary nature of the new lamp means it no longer meets UL 924.

Keystone’s Emergency Tube has a 90-minute minimum illumination duration, and Keystone driver quality ensures consistent performance, providing peace of mind to building occupants and owners alike. It features 5 selectable CCT outputs, and the 14.5W tube produces up to 2000 lumens in standard mode and 500 lumens in emergency mode. It also complies with UL 1598C and California Title 20.

Keystone Introduces UL 924 Certified Tube with 5 CCT

Introducing Linta, an architectural linear fixture from Keystone. It’s a direct/indirect linear pendant fixture that’s elegant, modern, and versatile – one that fits your style and project budget. It’s a slender fixture with versatility and convenience built in, adding a striking sophistication to any room.

Simple to specify, simple to install, Linta is full of smart touches and innovative design features. Linta offers almost unlimited mounting possibilities. Hang it from the ceiling as a pendant with the included stainless steel aircraft cables. It can also be flush mounted against the ceiling or on a wall, or placed into the plenum itself.

Create the length and shape you desire with its easily linkable design. Field-adjust uplighting and downlighting to easily transition the ambience of your space. Select the right color temperature and power output. All with the touch of a switch.

Linta comes in a variety of lengths. With multiple length options, you can link up to seven fixtures together on a single power drop to create a seamless fixture that uniquely fits your space. The fixtures attach with snap-and-lock brackets for simple coupling. Power can be connected in seconds through the pre-installed quick connects.

An optional 32-foot rolled polycarbonate lens eliminates seams on multiple fixture runs, and available T, X, and L shapes allow you to create unique designs.

Here's why Linta is architectural lighting made easy:
  • Install and seamlessly link fixtures with slide-and-snap construction
  • Stock just one SKU for 3 selectable wattages, 5 CCT, and multiple light settings
  • 3 field-adjustable light outputs: 100% downlighting, 50/50 downlighting/uplighting, and 70/30 downlighting/uplighting
  • Simple to spec and install as a pendant with included mounting accessories
  • Wall, surface, and recessed mount options available with optional mounting hardware

That’s Linta. A distinctive kind of light.
XFit Sports Light is a powerful fixture that’s ideal for venues such as stadiums, driving ranges, municipal parks, and other locations with high pole illumination needs. Precision-crafted optics ensure proper uniform lighting, and Keystone’s free lighting layouts, which will provide both the correct number of fixtures and precise placement of their locations, ensure that your space is appropriately lit for your needs.

Starting in March, the spotlight will shine brighter on stadiums, parks, driving ranges, and ski resorts. That’s thanks to Sports Light, the latest innovative fixture from Keystone Technologies.

Sports Light is a game-changer in high-powered illumination. The 750W fixture, capable of more than 100,000 lumens, includes a driver that can be mounted remotely—not only making the fixture easy to install, but simplifying maintenance, offering on-site flexibility, and contributing to lower EPA wind ratings. Lamps can be placed more than 160 feet—up to 50 meters—high, but drivers can be placed at base level.

All this from a fixture that’s less than 24 inches in diameter and weighs less than traditional stadium lights.

“Installation and repairs are a breeze with Sports Light,” said Josh Brown, Keystone EVP, Distributor Sales and Marketing. “When it’s time to replace the driver, service is just a matter of accessing at the base—not getting on a lift. Sports Light adds a dimension of Light Made Easy to high-powered outdoor lighting.”

In addition to simple maintenance, Sports Light offers precision-crafted optics that ensure uniform, proper lighting. The fixture is available in multiple beam angles (30° standard, 20° and 40° optional) and, with Keystone’s free lighting layouts, installers can place Sports Light with pinpoint accuracy and in the right numbers. A fixture-mountable laser accessory is available for aiming.

Sports Light is as rugged as it is accurate, fitting for a fixture that will have to face all kinds of weather head-on. It has a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing and is IP65 rated for resisting the elements. Operating temperatures range from -40°F to 122°F (-40°C to 40°C). And it’s powered by a Keystone 0-10V dimming LED driver known for its durability.

The fixture also comes with a glare shield, shorting cap, and integrated NEMA/ANSI C136.41 7-pin twist-lock receptacle, and is compatible with both yoke and slipfitter mounts. The yoke mount bracket is pre-installed; the slipfitter is sold separately.

Altogether, it’s a fixture that ensures outdoor facilities offer illumination that properly spotlights the people using them.

“From football to golf, from rodeo to recreation, Sports Light will brighten everybody’s performance,” says Brown.

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