Since 1975 Italamp Srl has built its brand awareness and reputation in the decorative lighting market, standing out for products’ quality and particular shapes. The company always aims to deliver elegance and preciousness thanks to selected and finely crafted materials.

Tradition sets the bases for the future, and the future is now, proposing new shapes, up to create a significant background of unique realizations. Italamp stylistic history is characterized by a strong expertise of glass, from the most classical composition of its tradition, with a constant use of crystal, to more recent times, where new types of glass have been introduced.

Nowadays, the experience in the field of glass, and the great knowledge of all its productive and application properties, consolidate the company’s will to validate its abilities in contemporary design industry, with the consciousness of employing the most correct method in order to accomplish aesthetic and functional designers’ choices.

The research for excellence in product performance has always been a key factor for the success of the company. A vivid workshop of ideas that shapes light, plays with volumes, creating unique objects, artistic pieces which characterize the spaces and inspire personality to the settings. The working processes and the finishes follow the same rules of excellence: there is always space for experimentation, but never without knowing whatever came from the past.

Thanks to a flexible production, we are also reliable partners for the realization of lighting fixtures made to measure. We collaborate with our customers in the development of custom lighting solutions ready to respond to the specific needs of residential spaces, as well as to the complex dynamics of hospitality. Many are the project references that accredit Italamp worldwide.
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Italamp brings elemental beauty to almost any environment.
Italamp is a perfect choice for those who enjoy contemporary lighting solutions.
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