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    Products Cove Lighting Fixtures | Linear LED Cove Lights

    Cove lighting is a form of indirect lighting that is built into a ledge, recess, coffer, valance, or a similar architectural feature along the sides of a room near ceiling height. The perimeter cove is utilized to conceal luminaires which illuminate the ceiling or the top of the wall to create...
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    Products Residential Recessed Lighting | LED Downlights for Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens

    Recessed lighting fixtures or downlights (often called “can lights” or “high hats” in the US, “pot lights” in Canada) are a staple of residential lighting. They're the only type of overhead light fixtures that integrate into architecture and blend in with the ceiling line in the residential...
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    Products Recessed Linear LED Lighting Fixtures and Continuous-row Lighting Systems

    Recessed linear LED lighting lets architecture consistently take precedence. The integration of lighting and architecture is the hallmark of contemporary lighting design in commercial and institutional settings. The visual needs of commercial building occupants are complex. Lighting is a...
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    Products LED Troffer Lights | Drop Ceiling Light Fixtures

    A troffer light is a drop ceiling light fixture placed in the grid opening of a T-bar structure. Drop ceilings are suspended mechanical ceilings installed under the original ceiling of a building. They provide a false or secondary ceiling that fulfills many functions difficult to achieve with an...
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    Products LED Panel Lights | Flat Panel LED Ceiling Lights

    An LED panel light is a surface emission device that makes use of edge-lit technology to achieve consistent uniformity across the light emitting surface (LES) of the luminaire. The revolutionary technology takes advantage of the characteristics unique to LEDs (i.e. directional emission and...
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    Products Drop Ceiling Lights | LED Light Fixtures for False Ceilings

    A drop ceiling light is overhead light fixture that is laid or clipped into the metal grid of a drop ceiling. A drop ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is hung below the main structural ceiling of a building. Also known as a suspended ceiling, false ceiling, grid ceiling or T-bar ceiling, a...
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    Products Flush Mount Office Ceiling Lights | Surface Mounted LED Lights for Commercial Facilities

    Flush mount office ceiling lights are the primary sources of general and task lighting in workspaces with ceiling heights of 9 feet or less. Lighting is a critical element of the workspace design that may enhance or compromise the work experience and affect employee's job performance and overall...
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    Products Classroom Lighting Fixtures | LED Ceiling Lights for Schools, Libraries, Educational Facilities

    Educational facilities present a challenging lighting environment because they demand a holistic design of the visual, psychological, biological, and photobiological effects of light. Classroom lighting should support a positive learning environment and enhance the educational experience by...
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    Products Office Pendant Lights | LED Hanging Light Fixtures for Commercial Workspaces & Home Offices

    Pendant light fixtures provide a versatile layer of lighting for open plan offices, private offices, home offices, conference rooms, reception areas, seminar rooms, drafting and graphic production rooms, showrooms, work areas, and public areas in a commercial building. Office lighting must...
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    Products Surface Mounted LED Lights | Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixtures

    A flush mount ceiling light is an overhead luminaire that sits directly on the surface of the ceiling. Surface mounted ceiling light fixtures are the workhorses of interior lighting. These close-to-ceiling fixtures make great additions to just about any room in a home because of their ability to...
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    Products Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

    A semi-flush mount ceiling light is a close-to-ceiling light fixture that hangs down several inches from the ceiling by a rod, stem, or vertical structure of varied designs. From below, the overhead light fixture may look identical to a flush mount ceiling light which leaves no gap between...
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    Products Residential Track Lighting: Rigid, Flexible/Monorail, Cable Track Lighting

    Track lighting is often used in residential applications to provide lighting that can be easily manipulated and aimed for maximum flexibility. This type of lighting provides a very convenient way to modify the light distribution to adapt the lighting system to different requirements (from spot...
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    Products Dining Room Chandeliers

    The chandelier is the most classic of all dining room lighting fixtures. Because they were once heavy and expensive, chandeliers have traditionally held court only in the dining room and foyer which are the most formal areas of the home. Dining rooms and chandeliers go hand in hand. While the...
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    Products Modern & Contemporary Chandeliers

    A chandelier is a multi-light fixture that is decorative in nature. Suspended from the ceiling by a cord, chain or metal rod, chandeliers serve as artistic centerpieces or focal points that impress, inspire and delight. Being the central focus and conversation piece is no small feat, chandeliers...
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    Products Crystal Chandeliers

    Crystal chandeliers are the crowning jewels of lighting that make an incredible statement in residential and hospitality spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, foyers, bedrooms, home entryways and hotel lobbies. The timeless beauty and irresistible sparkle of crystal chandeliers never fail...
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    Products LED Pendant Lights

    An LED pendant light is a suspended ceiling fixture that uses either retrofit LED lamps or integrated LED light engines to illuminate a space or a defined area. The hanging light is somewhat similar to a chandelier with regard to fixture installation. However, pendant lights are far more...
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    Products LED Ceiling Lights for Living Rooms

    Ceiling lights form the very backbone of a functional and effective lighting scheme in living rooms. The living room is the heart of a home and a retreat from the chaos of the outside world. It's a place where family members and friends gather and engage in a variety of activities—relaxing on...
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    Products Bedroom Ceiling Lights

    Bedroom ceiling lights are an essential component of a thoughtful lighting scheme created to help foster an attractive, comfortable, and functional environment. A bedroom is a place of serenity and peace where we retreat to recharge and relax in preparation for more exciting adventures. The...
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    Products Kitchen Ceiling Lights

    Ceiling lights are central to the lighting scheme of a kitchen. Kitchens are the heart of the home and the center of family life. They are probably the most complicated rooms of a house to plan because there’s so much going on. A bustle of movement and activity takes place around countertops...
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    Products LED Ceiling Lights: Close-to-ceiling Light Fixtures

    With an intention to maximize the livability and visual appeal of an interior space, interior lighting is often composed in layers to incorporate ambient, task and accent lighting. This layered approach begins by establishing the “base” required to provide a decent amount of light that takes...
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    Products Bathroom Ceiling Lights

    Bathroom ceiling lights provide an overhead source of ambient and sometimes task light which is undoubtedly the most essential component of a bathroom lighting scheme. Lighting designers often incorporate multiple layers of light to maximize the livability and beauty of an interior space. The...
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    Products Outdoor Ceiling Lights

    An outdoor ceiling light is an ambient light fixture that is installed in outdoor covered structures. It casts straight down through a diffuser to evenly distribute the light while eliminating unsightly glare. Ceiling lights are one of the most popular and versatile light fixtures for both...
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