Holophane Europe Ltd., part of the Acuity Brands group, is one of the leading companies in its industry. For over 125 years the name Holophane has enjoyed an enviable reputation throughout the world for expertise, quality and innovation in lighting. From the earliest days when the company pioneered its famous glass refractor, the Holophane name has been ever present as a leader in the field of luminaire and lighting design.

Holophane offers sustainable solutions, that provide our customers with a low cost of ownership, a high quality solution, together with superior customer service. Incorporating interior, exterior, amenity, road, rail and floodlighting luminaires alongside our control solutions, Holophane’s product range is suitable for today’s demanding, environmentally conscious world, offering lowest total cost of ownership, engineering quality, cutting-edge design and outstanding optical performance.

Holophane is at the forefront of a transformation in lighting technology - and we’re leading the way and driving the change. Our exclusive integrated lighting solutions produce lighting that is uniquely tailored to its application and more responsive to its environment. Lighting that maximizes performance and quality while driving out waste and inefficiency.

Holophane delivers innovative, integrated, intelligent solutions: both indoor, outdoor, lighting fixtures, controls and more - to create the best quality light for every environment.

Selecting the best outdoor LED luminaires can be daunting, especially when designing for a variety of applications on a single site. Whether it is performance, long life, energy savings or aesthetics that drives your decision, Holophane has a variety of LED family luminaires delivering better lighting from every angle.

Holophane’s solutions for industrial spaces maximize energy savings while reducing maintenance costs through the use of advanced LED lighting technology, full range dimming, and flexible, intelligent control options. Our systems include lighting and controls for a stand-alone or networked application, provide the flexibility to reconfigure lighting to accommodate changes in the warehouse configuration, and the ability to rezone and regroup fixtures for changing requirements.

Holophane’s product range is suitable for today’s environmentally conscious world, offering lowest total cost of ownership, engineering quality, cutting-edge design and outstanding optical performance suitable for a wide range of logistic and warehousing projects.

As a leader in the development of emerging technologies which reduce energy consumption in outdoor lighting applications, Holophane delivers the broadest portfolio of complementary street lights, monitoring systems and controls.

Our engineering and technology departments combine state-of-the-industry LEDs, printed circuit boards, optics, thermal management systems and controls to deliver the best performing systems available for the rail environment.

Through the delivery of high-performance, integrated lighting, controls and modern relevance, our solutions promote a triple bottom line providing a superior visual experience for occupants, reduced operating and maintenance burden, and increased environmental sustainability.
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