Lumileds Automotive is dedicated to providing best-in-class lighting solutions in the Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier (OEM, OES) markets.

Our innovations have been on the cutting-edge of automotive lighting and have led to the advancement and modernization of automotive lighting as we know it today. Most of them already became standard on modern automobiles. All our products are manufactured from high-quality materials and tested to the highest specifications to maximize the safety and driving comfort of our customers. Today, one in three cars worldwide is equipped with our lighting.

From high performance lighting that improves driver safety, to LED or lamp lighting designed to enable drivers to style their car, Lumileds offers automotive lighting choices that help to make the most of your driving experience. Our Application Overview helps you to find the perfect solution for front, rear, headlighting and signaling applications.

Lumileds is committed to developing lighting solutions to meet the needs of large and small bus and truck fleet owners, transportation departments and garage professionals. Our auto lamps keep a fleet productive and on the move by minimizing time-consuming interruptions and maximum performance.

Lumileds motorcycle lighting solutions provide a powerful, bright light where it’s needed most, while helping other road users recognize the motorcycle as soon as possible. Our automotive lighting solutions not only provide the safety riders need, but also the styling they appreciate.

As a leading lighting solutions company for the automotive industry, Lumileds is licensed to use the Philips and NARVA brands for its automotive lighting and accessories product portfolio. Lumileds partners with its customers to push the boundaries of light.
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Latest updates

  1. New Philips Xperion 3000 Under-bonnet LED Light Brings Brightness and Enhanced Flexibility

    The latest addition to the Philips Xperion 3000 range of work lamps is designed to offer a...
  2. New Philips Ultinon Pro7000 LED Signaling Bulbs Offer Superior Brightness for Safer Driving

    Get noticed on the roadway with Philips new Ultinon Pro7000 range of automotive signaling bulbs...
  3. New Philips Ultinon Classic Brings Timeless Style and LED Brightness

    Introducing the Philips Ultinon Classic: the perfect fusion of timeless design and modern LED...
  4. Lumileds Automotive Launches the Philips Ultinon Pro6000 Boost Road-Legal LED Retrofit Bulbs

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest innovation - the Philips Ultinon Pro6000...
  5. New Philips Ultinon Pro6000 Standard H7-LED Bulbs A Road-Legal, Bright New Journey Ahead

    We are excited to introduce the Philips Ultinon Pro6000 Standard H7-LED, a game-changer in the...

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