Light is life, and good lighting is a necessity. We need it to reveal and illuminate every moment of our present. For Luceplan, it is the result of a combination of factors: experience, research, innovation. The sum of this process is called industrial design.

If we decide to line up the concepts of present, light and design and apply them as a filter of interpretation of this corporate catalogue, we will not be stretching to make a point, not indulging in nostalgia or rhetoric. In 2016 Luceplan is experiencing the natural evolution of a lighting company that has its roots in the typical family business approach of Italian design. Today, however, the company is able to approach things on a large industrial scale, and to come to terms with international horizons. The markets where Luceplan products are most popular are concentrated in Europe, as well as a growing market share in North America.

The objective of Luceplan is to create an industrial culture of light. This aspect is urgent for a company that invests in research and takes risks, developing projects that do not follow fashions but pursue an idea of rationality applied to space and people. Without calling on literature or philosophy, we can say that for Luceplan the industrial culture of light is an objective relationship between the light source and the subject, a dedicated system that tends to proceed from the particular to the universal.

It is around these thoughts that the present of the company reaches towards the future. It is here that the legitimate, private, independent and entrepreneurial destiny of Luceplan meets with the personal and communitarian identity of the client. It is here that the unfathomable difference between a factory and a design company, a good and a product, a technology and an innovation, tends to nestle. In Luceplan the gap between these polarities is bridged by the rationality of forecasting, the study of behaviors, respect for emotions, possession of a vision that ranges across time.

The company is based in Milan. Since 1978, the year of its founding, it has been influenced by the culture emanating from this worldwide epicenter of design. What remains of that worldview is the industrious effort of a team of professionals, and the intuition of thinking about light in all its applications: domestic interiors and contract, decor and architecture. Now that the transformation into the electronic age has been completed, foreshadowing the contamination with digital thinking in the future, for Luceplan the design of light has become a dialogue with a generation of international creative talents who understand the know-how of Italian design, while completing it with a vertical technical approach, coming to grips with fluid aestheticformal dimensions.

Luceplan has understood that the sculptural allure of contemporary forms is generated by the urgency of a behavior. The first element, without the depth of the second, is a mere stylistic exercise. The rhythm of the present reminds us that we can no longer afford such an attitude. The deadline of the future demands this awareness. Luceplan has grasped all this, choosing quality as the sole decoration, innovation as an answer, design as a distinctive trait. Design is not political, but an LED built into a designed lamp contributes to rationalize the lighting needs of human beings. Luceplan wants to contribute to the everyday quality of those who choose its products in an essential and effective way, with a range of unique lamps and the highest standards of performance.

Today Luceplan, updated to the cutting edge but also solidly rooted in a unique heritage of design and production experience, renews the entrepreneurial spirit of its origins, continuing the exploration of unprecedented technical, functional and aesthetic potentialities of light.
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