Airam Electric Oy Ab. is a Finnish family-run business that is known for its extensive lamp range. In addition to lamps, we offer a wide range of luminaires and smart lighting solutions for consumers and electrical professionals. Our selection also includes electrical accessories, decorative lights and leisure products.

In matters related to professional lighting solutions, you can contact our regional sales team or our project sales. Our central warehouse, customer services and exhibition premises provide services for our professional lighting solution customers and wholesalers in a central location in Kerava. Airam products are sold by department stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, and electrical equipment stores and wholesalers.

Airam has long traditions as a lighting expert. Designed for Nordic conditions, our products offer several benefits: our easy-to-install luminaires boast a functional design, and our packaging and installation and user instructions are clear and easy to read.

We invest in sustainable lighting solutions. A lighting solution created with LED luminaires and wireless control creates significant savings in energy consumption, installation and programming.

We have the ability and desire to work with our customers in professional lighting projects at various stages – in design, offer calculations and commissioning. So why not call our team in Kerava?

Our Solutions page offers ideas for designing and realising an optimal lighting solution. You can find more inspiration and tips for a successful lighting solution and handy tips for selecting the most suitable decorative lights, electrical equipment and leisure products on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn pages.

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