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7 Floor, 3 Blvd., More Centre
87 Gudun Rd., Xihu District
Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310012

Tuya Smart is a leading technology company focused on making our lives smarter. Tuya does this through offering a cloud platform that connects a range of devices via the IoT. By building interconnectivity standards, Tuya bridges the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains across a broad range of smart devices and industries.

The Company’s platform is backed by industry-leading technology complete with rigorous data protection and security. Tuya solutions empower partners and customers by improving the value of their products while making consumers’ lives more convenient through the application of technology. Through its growing commercial SaaS business, Tuya offers intelligent business solutions for a wide range of verticals. Tuya partners with leading Fortune 500 companies from around the world to make things smarter, including Philips, Schneider Electric, Lenovo and many others.

Tuya provides an open platform interface, mobile SDK, and device docking capability to help partners quickly build a personalized SaaS solution. Break free from geographical restraints with remote digital and visual management of multiple projects. Real-time monitoring of device operation and energy consupmtion to improve operations and maintenance efficiency. With a rich "Powered By Tuya" product ecosystem, Tuya Commercial Lighting Solution enables multi-category and multi-brand device compatibility. Zigbee / Bluetooth Mesh / Wi-Fi / Multi-protocol compatibility. Standardized module design with Pin to Pin compatibility between different protocols allows for seamless product expansion.

The Tuya IoT Development Platform enables you to develop smart products without coding, significantly simplifying the complex IoT hardware development process. You can configure the product in a visualized manner online by clicking and selecting items. The entire development process requires no coding skills. Just follow the clear and quick step-by-step workflow to complete function definition, app panel design, and networking configuration. You will get the plug and play network module that is programmed with full firmware. Then, you can launch a trial mass production. You will find the development process as easy as ordering from an online menu.

We offer an all-in-one app: Smart Life. It is a necessary component in the smart ecosystem to connect and control smart devices. You can use it for free without any operation or maintenance costs. You only need to develop the hardware and don't need to invest additional resources in software R&D. The app can integrate with various smart home scenarios and devices, and can support multiple languages, including Chinese, English, German, French, and Japanese, allowing you to more easily tap into the global smart home market.

The SDK App service provides smart home development kits and the UI Biz Bundle, allowing you to quickly develop your own smart home app. You can quickly implement the development through our Home SDK, Extension SDK, and UI Biz Bundle. The Home SDK includes smart device functions, including network configuration, device control, firmware updates, timed tasks, and smart scenario creation. The Extension SDK includes IPC SDK, sweeper SDK, and door lock SDK. The UI Biz Bundle provides a set of development-free UI kits based on the Home SDK. All functions can be easily implemented through APIs.

Our OEM app service provides one-stop app development and management. You can build an app without coding and complete configuration without technical expertise. Building an app package requires no coding skills; simply follow the step-by-step guide to complete the configuration. You can choose the app name, icon, and theme color, as well as which functions to display. You can also maintain compliance documents, such as privacy policies, location information, and push notification certificates. After the app package passes the acceptance test, you can publish the app in app stores.
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