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During the wave of smart technology, participating in large-scale exhibitions has become a vital path for companies to increase brand influence and broaden market horizons. However, this process also comes with many challenges. For example, companies may face difficulties in obtaining quality resources and ideal locations for their exhibitions. Additionally, the monotony of exhibition forms, the lack of proactive customer attraction methods, and insufficient product innovation capabilities can all become bottlenecks restricting companies.

As a leader in the smart industry, Tuya has remained committed to providing a display platform and building cooperation bridges for global developers. This time, Tuya's launch of a new IP aims to fundamentally solve these industry challenges and help companies achieve breakthroughs.

Leveraging its strong ecosystem integration capabilities, Tuya is able to bring together customers across all industry categories and the entire supply chain to jointly build a vibrant, interconnected smart ecosystem, breaking from the previous situation where exhibitors struggled alone and found it difficult to form synergy. Through its innovative exhibition format, Tuya provides developers with a global stage to showcase the latest and most cutting-edge smart technology achievements, helping exhibitors attract potential customers.

Moreover, the Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition will offer exhibitors more channels for product exposure and brand communication, such as exhibition area live streaming, media interviews, and graphic displays, bringing developers millions of instances of exposure in a very short time, which effectively enhances brand awareness and influence. Developers will also have the opportunity to achieve precise business connections with partners such as global energy storage system integrators, smart appliance brands, core foreign trade OEM/ODM factories, traders, and more, and jointly venture into the smart market.

Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition Ignites the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit

The Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition, co-hosted by Tuya and leading companies like Chli, Huizhu, Links Field, and Silicon Labs, presented brand stories and enhanced product experiences in a more immersive and scenario-based manner. It was undoubtedly a highlight of the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit, attracting a continuous stream of visitors. At the exhibition, visitors can experience cutting-edge technology applications, enjoy innovative AI interactive achievements, and explore the fascinating aspects AI can bring to life and work.

Tuya × Chli

Founded in 2011, Chli is a high-tech enterprise focused on AI ultra-energy-saving lighting, eye-protection lighting, and urban sites lighting. The company is committed to becoming an "artist of light" and providing reliable, efficient, and healthy lighting products for the intelligent development of humanity.

Chli is dedicated to creating benefits through technology, actively responding to China’s national "dual carbon" strategy, and being a pioneer in niche fields. At this ecosystem partners exhibition, Chli's full-spectrum healthy light and AI ultra-energy-saving system shined. For example, their AI ultra-energy-saving system solves difficult problems such as high-power consumption and the management of traditional LED tube lighting. The ultra-energy-saving tube products have average power consumptions as low as 2.5W, with a comprehensive energy-saving rate of over 80%, and have been implemented in hundreds of energy-saving application projects nationwide.

Tuya × Huizhu

Huizhu is a comprehensive hospitality industry solution provider dedicated to offering one-stop smart hotel solutions, and covers the entire process, from smart hardware production and manufacturing, to platform and software integration, to implementation. Over the years, Huizhu has consistently focused on the hotel industry, serving over 50,000 hospitality clients.

With strong product development capabilities and a forward-looking vision, Huizhu has launched a series of "black technology" products, leading the innovation trends in hardware devices. At the Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition, Huizhu's hotel self-service machines and door card activation machines attracted considerable attention. The self-service check-in machine, for example, supports customization, OTA integration, mini-program development, and brand PMS integration, providing a solid foundation for hotels to achieve self-service check-in and further improve operational efficiency.

Tuya × Links Field

Links Field is a global leader in IoT connectivity service solutions, committed to providing reliable and stable global wireless connectivity services to global customers, including eSIM/SoftSIM/Multi-SIM technology, remote OTA code management, DP+ management platform, MCU coding, and more. It has established comprehensive marketing and service support capabilities worldwide.

At the Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition, Links Field showcased its high-quality international wireless connectivity solutions. By using these solutions, customers can more easily manage their smart devices and improve the stability, security, and reliability of their device connections. With GSMA-certified rapid access to global networks, Links Field successfully incorporates global wireless network resources, covering over 220 countries and regions and providing strong support for customers to expand into global markets.

Tuya × Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs is a pioneer in the field of IoT wireless connectivity, providing integrated hardware and software platforms, convenient development tools, and an unparalleled ecosystem to help partners build advanced industrial, commercial, home, and life applications. Silicon Labs leads the industry in high performance, low power consumption, and security, supporting a wide range of multi-protocol solution combinations.

Silicon Labs showcased their wireless connectivity solutions for commercial lighting at the exhibition. This solution is suitable for various devices such as Zigbee gateways, Zigbee downlight drivers, charging piles, and wireless modules. Additionally, with Silicon Labs' latest SoC series products, users can experience unprecedented efficient connectivity. The low power consumption of the SoC series also extends the life of wireless devices, edge nodes, and access points by reducing the frequency of battery replacements, providing users with more convenient and economical options.

Through collaboration with industry leaders such as Chli, Huizhu, Links Field, and Silicon Labs, Tuya has built a platform interlinking the global market and leading the AI technology innovation trend. In the future, Tuya will continue to uphold the concepts of openness and win-win cooperation, working with more industry stakeholders to promote the prosperous development of the smart business ecosystem through the innovative model of the global ecosystem partners exhibition.

Tuya to Shape the Intelligent Future with Industry Partners at the Enhanced Tuya Ecosystem Partners Exhibition
Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a leading global cloud platform service provider, today announced it has formally joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), pledging to uphold the UNGC's “Ten Principles” on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

Joining the UNGC marks a significant milestone for Tuya, as the company's longstanding efforts to actively fulfill corporate social responsibility gain global recognition. It also provides a broader platform for Tuya to promote sustainable development worldwide with the help of innovative technologies such as generative AI.

Launched in 2000 by the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, UNGC is the world's largest and most influential international organization promoting corporate sustainability, with more than 24,000 corporate and other stakeholder participants from nearly 170 countries. Participants work together to help realize broader UN goals.

Partnering Globally to Advance UN Sustainable Development
Tuya will collaborate with the UNGC to mobilize sustainable businesses and stakeholders around the world to build a better, more sustainable world. Tuya is committed to fully participating in UNGC's Global Action Plan, actively engaging in the discussion and practice of key sustainability issues, and conscientiously fulfilling the organization's membership responsibilities, including following the basic principles of sustainability, conducting business responsibly, engaging in local sustainability affairs wherever it has business operations, and implementing the concept of sustainability from the top down.

The Tuya Cloud Developer Platform brings together more than 1,074,000 developers, who constitute a powerful force for sustainable development. In this open, neutral smart ecosystem, developers communicate, share resources, and combine strengths to create valuable sustainable applications, enabling worldwide access to the ecosystem's user-friendly convenience.

Innovating with AI for Global Community Benefit
Tuya helps industries transform intelligently, enabling intelligent systems to substitute for human operations across thousands of sectors. This makes environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices more efficient and accessible.

Tuya plans to further iterate generative AI and other cutting-edge technologies and apply them to more ESG practice areas. For example, Tuya will soon release its own first AI large model - the Space Large Model, a model that will be applied in zero-carbon scenarios. By analyzing customer IoT data and scenario requirements, it will generate optimal energy-saving and emission reduction strategies in real-time, providing leading AI products to help people easily meet energy goals.

The UNGC will attend the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit in Shenzhen on May 29th to observe Tuya's collaboration with experts, enterprises, and other guests in launching a sustainable joint initiative aimed at actively implementing the global application of GenAI and other cutting-edge technologies. This partnership aims to enhance the practical application of these technologies, enabling more people worldwide to experience the convenience and friendliness of a smarter world.

Looking ahead, Tuya remains committed to driving technological progress as a leading science and technology enterprise. It will strive for advancements that create new societal productivity while collaborating with global developers to build a smarter, more beautiful and sustainable world.
Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, announced a partnership agreement with ZAIN KSA, Saudi Arabia's leading telecommunications mobile operator, at the Middle East Technology Summit LEAP 2024.

The partnership will extend across key domains such as energy management and smart commercial applications. By combining their strengths, Tuya Smart and ZAIN KSA aim to deliver innovative and competitive smart solutions, propelling the Middle East market further into the era of smart transformation.

ZAIN KSA's Ambitious Leap into Smart Transformation

In the vibrant landscape of the Middle East, ZAIN KSA takes a strategic step towards a transformative future, aligning with the rising tide of smart technologies.

Smart technology stands at the forefront of driving economic progress and sustainable development in the Middle East. Enterprises across the region are intensifying their commitment to integrating smart solutions, sparking a surge in smart transformation efforts. According to IBM's projections, the Middle East's GDP is poised to benefit significantly, with smart technology contributing over $300 billion by the year 2031.

ZAIN KSA, a distinguished telecommunications and mobile operator in the Middle East, holds a robust position in delivering connectivity solutions. Committed to providing cutting-edge services encompassing communication, 5G networks, digital payments, and innovative solutions, ZAIN KSA seeks to elevate the communication experience for consumers. Recognizing the immense market potential, ZAIN KSA is now delving deeper into the realm of smart technology. Bolstered by Tuya's profound technical expertise and extensive practical experience in the smart technology domain, offering tailored and comprehensive solutions, ZAIN KSA has strategically partnered with Tuya to collectively enhance operational efficiency and drive smart transformation for its customers.

Tuya and ZAIN KSA: Crafting the Future of Smart Environments

In a continued collaboration, Tuya and ZAIN KSA pave the way for an evolved landscape of smart scenarios.

The year 2023 marked the initiation of an alliance between ZAIN KSA and Tuya, initially focusing on the realm of smart business with an emphasis on driving SaaS solutions. Expanding on this synergy, both entities have opted to intensify their partnership in the smart commerce domain. Leveraging Tuya's Building Energy Management System and Cube Cloud Solution, the collaboration aims to infuse fresh vitality into ZAIN KSA's Cloud Solution department, facilitating the rapid penetration of the smart market in the Middle East.

Within the domain of smart commercial, Tuya extends its support to ZAIN KSA through four pivotal standard SaaS offerings: smart hospitality, smart residential, smart commercial lighting & office, and smart house & real estate. Complemented by a modular and integrated product application framework rooted in these SaaS standards, this collaborative effort is poised to meet the diverse demands of customers effectively. Furthermore, ZAIN KSA's extensive customer base and technical prowess in the Middle East uniquely position it to address the smart scene construction needs of vertical industries such as real estate, encompassing apartments, hotels, offices, and residential spaces. The result is an elevated smart living experience for customers and consumers across the Middle East.

In the dynamic realm of smart energy management, ZAIN KSA responds to the pressing demands for energy conservation and consumption reduction with the implementation of the Tuya Building Energy Management System. This innovative system enables ZAIN KSA to swiftly attain smart management of critical resources, including water, electricity, and gas, leading to a substantial reduction in energy consumption across diverse environments such as office buildings, shopping malls, and warehousing facilities. Notably, the system further enables ZAIN KSA to facilitate the creation of smart devices and systems, such as photovoltaics and energy storage, seamlessly integrating with Tuya's extensive smart hardware ecosystem. This collaborative effort expedites the development of smart scenarios, fostering a more scientific and efficient approach to energy conservation and emission reduction.

Moreover, Tuya extends its support to ZAIN KSA in the comprehensive privatization deployment of the IoT platform. Leveraging the Tuya Cube Cloud Solution, ZAIN KSA can swiftly establish a proprietary IoT platform distinguished by differentiated functions, robust system stability, and complete data independence. This proprietary platform equips ZAIN KSA with the capability to realize value-added functionalities, including seamless device connectivity, user-friendly operations, insightful information analysis, and expeditious application development. The result is a tailored and differentiated support system catering to diverse industries and scenarios, thereby unlocking substantial commercial value for ZAIN KSA.

The partnership not only propels local customers into a new era of smart transformation but also catalyzes green and low-carbon development in the Middle East, hastening the march towards sustainable progress.

Smart Technology Illuminates the Future, Elevating Customer Experience

Embarking on a fresh journey, ZAIN KSA unveils comprehensive plans for the future. The telecom giant is poised to bolster its collaboration with Tuya, delivering high-quality, integrated products, and services to the Middle East market and global clientele. Centered around smart technology innovation, this collaboration aims to provide customers with enhanced and convenient solutions, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of market trends.

Sultan AlHadlag, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at ZAIN KSA, affirms, "ZAIN KSA prioritizes customer needs, particularly in the realm of smart transformation. Our commitment is to delve deeper into exploration, bringing more efficient and convenient transformation solutions to our valued customers. Tuya's leading technological prowess, as a smart technology leader, will undoubtedly elevate our technology, products, and services. We envision a future of strengthened collaboration, creating an enhanced service experience for our customers."

Alex Yang, Co-Founder and COO of Tuya Smart, expresses confidence in the partnership, stating, "As one of the most influential telecom and mobile operators in the Middle East, ZAIN KSA's extensive customer resources and practical experience make it a crucial partner for our Middle East expansion. Following our successful collaboration in smart commercial last year, we're expanding into new territories such as smart energy management. Our partnership with ZAIN KSA is poised to provide us with a strong advantage in the Middle East market."

This successful collaboration not only paving the way for smart transformation in the Middle East, but also setting a global standard for innovation in smart technology. Moving forward, Tuya remains committed to exploring the realms of smart technology, unveiling continuous waves of innovative solutions and products. Together with global developers, Tuya aspires to co-create a smarter and brighter future.

Tuya Smart Announces Partnership with ZAIN KSA to Drive Smart Transformation in the Middle East
Driving Towards a Low-Carbon Era: Tuya's Innovative Solutions Take Center Stage at Light + Building 2024

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, is showcasing its innovations such as the Building Energy Management System and Bluetooth Mesh professional lighting solutions at the Light + Building 2024 in Frankfurt from March 3-8.

Aligned with the event's main theme, "BE ELECTRIFIED", Tuya has unveiled its own theme, "IoT: A New Greener World." This underscores Tuya's commitment to delivering enhanced products and solutions via breakthroughs in intelligent technologies such as IoT and AI. Furthermore, it highlights Tuya's dedication to empowering global developers in practicing ESG concepts and fostering collaboration for a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Integrating IoT and AI technologies, Revolutionizing Green Living with Tuya's Building Energy Management System

At Light + Building 2024, Tuya Smart is presenting its groundbreaking Building Energy Management System, a fusion of IoT and AI technologies, setting a new standard for green and energy-efficient solutions. This system, capturing immediate attention from attendees, empowers developers to efficiently manage building energy efficiency, curbing operational costs. But, how does this innovative system aid developers in achieving energy conservation?

1.Unified System: Leveraging Tuya's robust IoT technology, the Building Energy Management System enables swift unified hardware device management and visualization of energy data. This facilitates comprehensive energy data planning, laying the groundwork for optimal energy use.

2.Operational Optimization: Through insightful data analysis and predictive capabilities, the system assesses the current energy health of buildings. Establishing a carbon emission model, it evaluates energy efficiency, providing a foundation for targeted improvements.

3.Smart Management: Deep integration of AI enhances the system's effectiveness, offering strategic operational insights and energy-saving recommendations. The system communicates these insights to subsystems like lighting and HVAC, driving energy conservation. It adapts strategies based on seasonal, temporal, and user habit changes, ensuring reliable low-carbon building management.

4.Green Energy Integration: The system enables developers to incorporate smart devices such as photovoltaics and energy storage, fostering green energy adoption and achieving low-carbon consumption.

Widely applied in building, warehouse, and city scenarios, Tuya's Building Energy Management System delivers a transformative building operations experience. In a Singapore warehouse project, it facilitated real-time analysis of energy-consuming equipment, automated operational strategies, and achieved intelligent energy conservation, resulting in over 17% electricity savings for enterprises.

Bluetooth Mesh Professional Lighting Solution Achieves Harmony Between Energy Efficiency and Comfort

As smart technology transforms our world, the global professional smart lighting sector is seizing new opportunities. A report from Mordor Intelligence forecasts the global smart lighting market to soar to $49.37 billion by 2028, with a robust compound annual growth rate of 20.52% in the coming four years.

In response to this burgeoning market, Tuya introduced its Bluetooth Mesh Professional Lighting Solution. Leveraging the low energy consumption and seamless network configuration of Bluetooth Mesh, this solution equips developers with a comprehensive suite of offerings, spanning hardware and software tools. This empowers rapid development of professional smart lighting control systems, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and trimming deployment costs.

Beyond efficiency gains, the solution champions energy conservation. Combining professional smart lighting with Tuya-enabled human-sensing sensors, the smart lighting control system optimizes brightness control, achieving substantial energy savings. Enterprises adopting the Bluetooth Mesh Professional Lighting Solution report saving a minimum of 50% in energy costs.

Tuya complements this innovation by showcasing hardware products aligned with the Bluetooth Mesh Professional Lighting Solution. This enables developers and brand customers to swiftly establish a holistic product loop for professional lighting, complete with customizable and differentiated full-stack capabilities across the entire software and hardware chain. Notable features include Tuya-enabled professional sensors for light and human perception, featuring Bluetooth local distributed control and scheduling capabilities. These devices enhance smart lighting control systems with diverse local automation capabilities, along with functions such as three-stage dimming, light sensitivity priority, power-off memory, and power statistics—profoundly optimizing electricity consumption in lighting scenarios.

Tuya Smart Commercial Enables Developers to Overcome Industry Challenges

At Light + Building 2024, the Tuya Smart Commercial Exhibition Area shines a spotlight on cutting-edge solutions across verticals like Commercial Lighting & Office, Hospitality, Residential, House & Real Estate. This dynamic showcase captivates developers worldwide, fostering a continuous exchange of R&D ideas.

In the realm of Smart Commercial Lighting & Office, Tuya introduced an energy-saving lighting solution designed for high consumption scenarios such as indoor public areas and parking lots. Harnessing global standard Bluetooth Mesh technology, this solution delivers a range of smart offerings, including IoT sensing tri-proof lights, T8 light tubes, line lights, and panel lights. Additionally, it establishes a visual brand commercial lighting management platform and app for customers, offering insights into fixture status, service lifecycle, alarms, and anomalies. The lighting management web platform provides energy consumption tools and optimization strategies, enhancing operational efficiency and promoting energy conservation.

To streamline smart lighting projects, the solution offers a user-friendly installation and debugging process. Through network group and scene configuration, coupled with intelligent IR + Bluetooth LE remote management, installation takes just one second, entirely cloud-independent. Remote management data can seamlessly synchronize with the cloud in the future. Even without cloud connectivity, customers can centrally manage fixtures locally, showcasing flexibility and ease of operation. Already implemented in numerous global projects, this solution boasts a comprehensive energy efficiency rate exceeding 80%.

For the Smart Hospitality and Residential scenarios, Tuya takes center stage with its cutting-edge commercial smart door lock solution. The Gsmart Lock App, a fully functional application, simplifies key distribution through efficient batch management. Leveraging its open ecosystem, the Gsmart Lock App seamlessly integrates with other devices within Tuya's hardware ecosystem, opening doors to endless possibilities for hardware interaction. The app further supports API/SDK customization development, empowering developers to create innovative, differentiated products, and solutions.

For Smart House and Real Estate, Tuya introduces the KNX + Wireless Integration Solution. This groundbreaking solution harmoniously integrates wired smart home systems with wireless counterparts, fostering seamless interconnection between devices. Addressing challenges prevalent in the current smart home market, such as low device management efficiency and suboptimal living environment experiences, the solution offers consumers efficient and convenient smart services.

At Light + Building 2024, Tuya's showcase spans diverse solutions in the lighting and building sectors, treating developers worldwide to a technological feast. As Tuya continues its exploration of energy-saving solutions, it remains committed to providing novel ideas for global developers, contributing to the creation of a greener, low-carbon, and sustainable world.
Light + Building 2024

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX:2391), a global IoT developer service provider, is thrilled to announce its participation in Light + Building 2024, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building-services technology, in Frankfurt am Main, where the company will unveil cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of sustainable smart living.

Aligned with the event's overarching theme, "BE ELECTRIFIED," Tuya will showcase its latest innovations under the compelling banner of "IoT: A New Greener World." Attendees are invited to experience this visionary display at Booth E81 in Hall 8.0 at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre, from March 3 to 8.

The showcase is a testament to Tuya's dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Through the seamless integration of IoT and AI technologies across lighting, energy, and diverse sectors, Tuya is redefining the landscape of smart homes and buildings. The objective is to enable customers to provide users with a green, low-carbon lifestyle, injecting fresh dynamics and optimism into the global agenda for sustainable development.

Tuya to Unveil Groundbreaking Initiatives in Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction

In the face of escalating global energy demand and ambitious carbon neutrality targets, the international energy market is imposing increasingly stringent standards on major industries and households. Smart energy management has evolved into an imperative trend, and as a pioneer in this domain, Tuya has launched a series of inventive smart energy solutions. These solutions offer practical and feasible pathways for global developers to embrace low-carbon practices and energy efficiency.

At the highly anticipated Light + Building 2024, Tuya is poised to showcase its revolutionary Building Energy Management System, a culmination of diverse functions tailored for developers worldwide. This innovative solution extends its applicability beyond traditional boundaries, finding relevance in architecture, warehouses, and urban landscapes. It serves as a pivotal tool for global developers, enabling unified platform management, optimizing operational efficiency, fostering the development of intelligent systems, and contributing to the establishment of sustainable green energy frameworks.

Professional Lighting Solutions to Illuminate the Future

As the global smart lighting market presents new growth prospects, recent research by Grand View Research, Inc. foresees the market reaching $46.9 billion by 2028. Against this backdrop, consumer expectations for lighting solutions have evolved, with a pronounced emphasis on more convenient lighting control systems and energy-efficient products.

In response to the burgeoning needs of the smart lighting market, Tuya is steadfast in its commitment and has introduced the Bluetooth Mesh professional lighting solution. This innovative solution not only establishes a versatile and customizable matrix of smart products, but also caters to diverse lighting requirements across various scenarios. Recognizing the evolving landscape, Tuya's solution ensures enterprises are well-equipped to meet the heightened demands of customers seeking cutting-edge lighting experiences.

Tuya’s Workshops Unveil an Array of Smart Solutions

Tuya's unwavering commitment to enhancing product value for customers and partners is underscored by its dedication to vertical fields such as smart houses, hotels, and residential buildings. Within these domains, Tuya has crafted a multitude of smart solutions, ranging from commercial smart door lock solutions, to comprehensive smart house and real estate solutions, and innovative smart commercial lighting solutions. Through the seamless interconnection and intelligent adaptation of these products, Tuya enables customers to efficiently construct diversified smart business scenarios, providing consumers with a seamlessly comfortable and intelligent living experience.

These groundbreaking solutions are set to make their grand debut at Light + Building 2024. To facilitate a deeper understanding of the advantages these solutions offer, Tuya has organized a Smart Building Workshops event from March 5 to 7, 2024. This series of workshops aims to furnish developers with detailed explanations of Tuya’s smart solutions, enabling them to comprehend their intricacies and potential applications. Moreover, the interactive platform encourages developers to actively engage in discussions and collectively explore the latent commercial value embedded in these innovative solutions.

Adding to the excitement, Tuya is set to host the eagerly awaited Tuya Developer Day at Light + Building 2024. This exclusive event will witness the convergence of globally renowned enterprises, including Statista, Xanlite, FSL Lighting, and Enerlution, among others, joining forces with Tuya to orchestrate a dynamic and cutting-edge technology showcase. The gathering aims to foster a collaborative environment, continuously enhancing energy management efficiency, and making meaningful contributions to global sustainable development.

Light + Building 2024 provides an exceptional opportunity for Tuya to showcase its technological strength and diversified solutions spanning lighting, energy, and various other fields to a global audience of developers. This gathering facilitates invaluable communication and exchange opportunities, allowing Tuya to engage closely with global developers. Through this exhibition, Tuya is poised to collaborate hand in hand with global developers, working towards the shared vision of realizing a sustainable future.
Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, today announced a partnership with AiTAN, a leading smart solutions provider in Thailand, which aims to co-create innovative smart solutions for the AiTAN brand across diverse sectors, including homes, real estate, hotels, rentals, commercial lighting, and office spaces, offering an enhanced smart experience for customers and end-users in Southeast Asia. The partnership was unveiled during the launch event for the AiTAN brand.

Smart Industry Prospects in Southeast Asia and AiTAN's Commitment to Intelligent Transformation

The "Thailand 4.0" policy, launched by the Thai government in recent years, aims to elevate industries through innovation and advanced technology, fostering the evolution and competitiveness of Thai industries within the Southeast Asian market.

Aligned with this policy, Thailand's smart industry is experiencing rapid growth. Projections by Chinese Social Sciences Today suggest that Thailand's digital economy will reach $57 billion by 2025, constituting approximately 30% of the country's GDP. Concurrently, Thailand's smart business initiatives are extending across the entire Southeast Asian market, with enterprises increasingly seeking intelligent transformation to achieve cost-effectiveness and efficiency through smart technologies, thus enhancing market competitiveness.

As a leading smart solutions provider in Thailand, AiTAN's diverse portfolio spans smart communities, hotels, lighting, and energy solutions. Committed to optimizing efficiency across various industries, AiTAN recognizes the vast potential of the smart industry. Leveraging Tuya's robust technical capabilities and extensive experience in smart technology, AiTAN has chosen to collaborate with Tuya, aiming to establish a new business paradigm in Southeast Asia's smart industry.

Tuya Enables AiTAN to Lead in the Smart Industry

The collaboration focuses on homes and real estate as the entry point, extending into areas such as hotels, residential, commercial lighting, energy, and office spaces. Leveraging Tuya's software and hardware solutions and AiTAN's robust research and development capabilities, both parties aim to establish a professional, comprehensive, and competitive smart commercial brand in the industry.

At the hardware level, Tuya will provide AiTAN with efficient and cost-effective services to expand their brand's core product portfolios. This will ensure brand coherence and guarantee the quality and stability of core hardware products, effectively addressing the challenge of smart hardware product upgrades.

On the software front, Tuya Smart Commercial will deliver industry-level SaaS, including Smart House & Real Estate, Smart Hospitality, Smart Residential, and Smart Commercial Lighting & Office. This will drive the evolution of AiTAN's customer management model and service modes, enhancing customer service capabilities and significantly boosting work efficiency. Additionally, Tuya Smart Commercial's App SDK development services will assist AiTAN in creating its own branded app, offering effective operation and maintenance tools, such as remote device diagnostics, restarts, and firmware upgrades. This will contribute to the creation of a high-quality after-sales service experience for end-users and significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs.

As part of this collaboration, AiTAN has set ambitious goals for 2024, aiming to deploy at least 10,000 devices and secure a minimum of 100 reserved projects. Furthermore, AiTAN plans to inaugurate a 1,600-square-meter AiTAN Solution Center in Bangkok in September, showcasing joint solutions created by AiTAN and Tuya, and reinforcing its brand presence.

"We have been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to expand our original smart home business into broader industry-level smart solutions. With Tuya's support, we have swiftly completed the upgrade and possess the capability to provide more commercial scenario solutions. Leveraging Open API and SmartHome App ADK, we are accelerating the development of the AiTAN Smart application, offering local users digital services such as Line application's notifications and security centers, tailored to meet local needs. This continuously enhances the intelligent and digital living experience for residents. I am confident that our breakthroughs in various fields will garner positive feedback for AiTAN, and we look forward to future collaborations with Tuya," said Ranis Dhamasiri, CEO of AiTAN.

Haiping Ying, General Manager of Tuya Smart Commercial, said, "We are honored to collaborate with AiTAN. Through this partnership, AiTAN has introduced our innovative solutions to the Southeast Asian market, expanding global market channels for smart businesses. Moving forward, we remain committed to the smart technology field, delivering new solutions with more localized attributes to overseas developers and enabling them to realize their development strategy for their smart solution brands."

In an era where smart technology is integral to all industries, the collaboration between AiTAN and Tuya signifies an opportunity to intensify exploration, research and development of innovative technologies. The collaboration aims to continuously create numerous solutions catering to developer needs, fostering a beautiful future that seamlessly incorporates intelligence.
Tuya Developer Day at CES 2024: Advanced Technologies to Develop Future Smart World

Tuya Smart ("Tuya" or the "Company") (NYSE: TUYA; HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, took center stage at CES 2024 in Las Vegas by hosting "Tuya Developer Day." Aligning with the CES 2024 theme, "All Together, All On", Tuya presented under the theme "All Together, All On Smart", signifying the collaborative efforts with global developers to realize "smart coexistence", which refers to creating a seamlessly interconnected world.

At CES 2024, Tuya elevated its commitment with an official upgrade from "Tuya Day" to "Tuya Developer Day." This move reinforces Tuya's dedication to an open and neutral approach, further enabling developers to innovate and collaborate in shaping smart solutions that align with their vision.

Tuya Developer Day welcomed representatives from renowned organizations, institutions, and enterprises in smart real estate, lighting, consumer electronics, and telecommunications industries. Through discussions on leveraging IoT and AI technologies, Tuya facilitated a platform for global developers to explore business opportunities and capitalize on emerging market trends.

Eva Na, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation, and CMO of Tuya Smart, expressed enthusiasm during the welcoming speech, stating, "As an industry leader, Tuya has always firmly believed that IoT technology innovation requires the collective wisdom of thousands of developers. We look forward to collaborating with developers in using AI, IoT, and Cloud technologies to create a higher value business space and build a more friendly, greener, and smarter world."

Alex Yang, Co-Founder and COO of Tuya Smart, delivered a compelling opening speech themed "IoT for Sustainability and Beyond." He underscored the heightened significance of sustainable development in contemporary business operations, noting the widespread embrace of IoT as a pivotal innovation for achieving sustainable development goals within enterprises. Within this framework, Yang emphasized the ongoing commitment to exploring methodologies that facilitate the sustainable growth of enterprises. "By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Tuya meticulously analyzes equipment data to devise practical and viable smart solutions. Taking smart energy solutions as an example, it comprehensively covers the entire energy equipment ecosystem—from power generation and energy storage to distribution, electricity consumption, and metering. This holistic approach consistently generates green and low-carbon work and living environments for developers. Looking ahead, we will continue to dedicate to intensifying efforts in this realm, pledging to contribute enduring green and sustainable technological value on a global scale, not only build sustainability with IoT, but make IoT a sustainable investment, " said Yang.

The event featured leading brands and associations from around the world, including Aerogaz, Amazon, CALEX, Copilot.cx, Goqual, Grupo Construlita, INOX Smart, T3 Technology, and VTA+. The partner representatives spoke about cutting-edge topics such as innovation, and sustainable development opportunities in multiple smart industries, and shared joint Tuya case studies.

Keynote Speeches on Tuya Developer Day

Amazon: Build the Ambient Home together with Alexa

Customers have connected more than 400 million smart home devices to Alexa, and use Alexa hundreds of millions of times each week to control those devices. There are more than one million registered developers, brands, and device makers building conversational, natural, and proactive experiences with Alexa. Amazon offers a collection of tools, APIs, reference solutions, and documentation that make it easier for developers to build Alexa experiences for their customers.

"Thanks to Alexa, homes are significantly smarter than they were a decade ago when Amazon set out to realize our vision for ambient intelligence. Improving the setup process for our devices is a key area of focus for us. With Frustration-Free Setup, device setup with Alexa can be as easy as opening a box and powering on a device, which also includes Matter devices through Matter simple setup. We're excited to work with Tuya to bring Matter simple setup to their devices," said David Wurster, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships of Alexa Smart Home.

CALEX: CALEX SMART HOME Sustainable Growth

Electro Cirkel Retail (CALEX) is a leading European brand that specializes in the lighting and smart home industry. As one of the first firms to introduce energy-efficient filament LED bulbs to Europe in 2014, CALEX distinguished itself with quality, innovation, logistics excellence, and speed-to-market.

"In the present, the home furnishing industry is in the midst of a transformative shift towards smart home integration, witnessing a profound escalation in the intelligence of home products. With over 50 years of sustainable innovation, CALEX proactively engages with the realm of smart homes, consistently crafting distinctive and innovative smart home products, and evolving the CALEX smart ecosystem by leveraging Tuya's smart solutions. This approach ensures that consumers have access to a broad spectrum of smart living scenarios, tailored to meet their diverse needs and enabling them to capitalize on emerging market opportunities," said Thomas Pharazijn, Smart Product Development Manager of CALEX.

Grupo Construlita: Creating Smart Buildings to Improve Profit and Productivity with Construlita Connect

Construlita is a leading brand in commercial lighting for a range of settings, including workplaces, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. To meet customers' needs for lighting through knowledge, technology, and solutions that add value to lighting projects, it is constantly updating its solution portfolio with innovative technologies like IoT devices and smart platforms that are in line with global trends. This results in the creation of spaces full of captivating experiences that heighten end-users' sense through light.

"Our value proposition lies in the ability to adapt, connect, report and measure valuable information from the daily operation of commercial buildings. To better support our clients in their pursuit of sustainable development, we have developed Construlita Connect, which is supported by Tuya's SaaS Technology, comes as a simple and effective way to improve profit and at the same time create productivity and well-being for the people who inhabit buildings with our technology. By doing so, our clients can create automation focused on energy savings while having intuitive spaces and achieve productivity, resulting in reduced operating costs and the cultivation of green, low-carbon, and sustainable business environments," said Roberto Enríquez Gómez, Sales Manager IoT of Grupo Construlita.

Copilot.cx: Leveraging the Tuya Developer Ecosystem: Crafting Exceptional Mobile Applications for IoT Devices

Copilot.cx gives companies a critical advantage that increases overall customer satisfaction and builds Lifetime Value. It delivers on the promise of IoT by offering manufacturers the opportunity to automatically engage end users with meaningful, data-driven and behavior-based communications - Leading to improved onboarding, reduced product returns, better product rating and new revenue channels.

"For brand owners, cultivating user loyalty stands as a pivotal factor in sustaining revenue growth for companies. Through our collaboration with Tuya, we seamlessly integrate Copilot.cx's expertise in app interaction design with Tuya's PaaS2.0, culminating in the creation of exclusive apps tailored for brand owners. This alliance not only enables brand owners to precisely target diverse customer segments but also fosters a more intuitive and comfortable intelligent product experience for users, significantly bolstering user loyalty," said Tsiki Naftaly, Co-Founder of Copilot.cx.

Goqual: From Understanding Customer Needs to Delivering Value to Customer: A Customer-Centric Journey

Founded in 2014, Goqual is a technology company that has been deeply engaged in the smart home industry for many years. As a smart life solution provider, Goqual operates Hejhome, one of the most active smart home platforms in South Korea, designs/manufactures/produces IoT electrical engineering products in the field of smart real estate, and has dozens of smart products applied to Korean real estate projects, integrated into rich and convenient smart life scenes, and continues to serve the most diverse types of smart home devices.

"As the most beloved smart home brand in Korea, we always adhere to customer-centric and customer-oriented approaches. We continually explore the dynamic landscape of smart homes, delivering satisfactory solutions that resonate with our customers. In the present landscape, the demand for smart homes is burgeoning, underscoring the increasing importance of seamless collaboration between software and hardware. Leveraging the smart solution platform offered by Tuya, we can swiftly construct and realize smart scenarios, empowering users to effortlessly integrate smart products into their daily lives and revel in the benefits of a truly smart and sustainable living experience," said Sean Woo, CEO of Goqual.

INOX Smart: Securing a Keyless Future: Enhanced Safety and Security in Multifamily and Mixed-Use Access Management through IoT Innovation

INOX Smart is an innovative company serving the residential, commercial, hospitality, and healthcare industries. It is a leader in door hardware design, engineering, and manufacturing. INOX has the ability and experience to integrate elegant luxury designs with engineered strength to meet stringent compliance regulations and endure harsh environments. INOX products continue to revolutionize the industry, from the world's first barn door privacy locks to electrified sliding door mortise locks with touchless unlocking and auto-locking capabilities.

"With the swift evolution of smart door lock technology, the era of keyless access is upon us. In response to the escalating consumer demand, INOX Smart has partnered with Tuya to introduce a comprehensive smart door lock solution. With Tuya's capabilities, our smart door lock products now boast a full spectrum of functions—from distribution network management to door lock authorization. This not only fortifies the security of door locks but also delivers a more convenient and intelligent home living experience for end users," said Qianyan Cheng, Founder & VP of INOX Smart.

T3 Technology: Own the Household - T3 Facilitate to Build a Whole Household Smart Eco-system

As the No.1 home broadband access supplier and the No.1 vendor to introduce Wi-Fi 6 to Thailand, T3 Technology enables smart enterprises, SMEs and households for a better smart life.

"T3 has consistently dedicated itself to crafting smart living spaces for Southeast Asian families. Tuya, with its formidable technological prowess and extensive practical experience, stands as a key ally in our mission to dismantle connectivity barriers within smart home products. Together, we develop 'Own the Household', and aim to forge a novel smart home ecosystem, enabling comprehensive control of home equipment integration throughout the entire ecosystem. Anticipating a deeper collaboration with Tuya in the future, we are poised to collectively pioneer advancements for superior smart life and smart businesses," said Kevin Guo, Deputy CEO of T3 Technology.

VTA+: 6 Years of Evolution and Technological Transformation

VTA developed audio, video, and home automation technological products for the home and office. Its brand VTA+ established a complete ecosystem designed to make users' lives easier, which integrates IoT technology under an all-in-one model to have control of the home.

Juan Carlos Varon, CEO of VTA+ said, "Home intelligence stands out as a crucial trend in the present market landscape. In our commitment to assisting consumers in crafting intelligent living environments,Tuya is a leading technology company because of its ability to update quickly and agilely. We have partnered with Tuya to collaboratively develop a smart home management system. The result is a living environment that is not only safer but also more comfortable and smarter for consumers."

Aerogaz (S) Pte Ltd: Revolutionizing Home Safety and Efficiency: Möwe by Aerogaz in Singapore's Smart Home Landscape

Aerogaz is a pioneering brand for home appliances, specializing in hobs, hoods and instant water heaters since 2003. It provides a range of high-quality and affordable household products for the Singapore market, which are also widely distributed and marketed throughout the ASEAN region. Being the smart home brand under Aerogaz, Möwe strives to meet the needs of the 21st-century smart lifestyle and provides a one-stop solution to a complete smart home ecosystem.

"Möwe, the smart home brand by Aerogaz, maintains a steadfast focus on enhancing consumer home safety and efficiency. Addressing safety concerns, Möwe collaborates with Tuya to introduce smart kitchen hobs that not only keep consumers informed about gas usage but also automatically cut off in the event of a gas leak. In terms of energy conservation, Möwe actively realizing energy-saving and low-carbon smart living scenarios for consumers, leveraging Tuya-enabled energy-saving kits. In the future, Möwe is poised to deepen its collaboration with Tuya, aspiring to contribute to a superior family life experience for consumers," said Marcus Tan, Business Development Manager of Aerogaz (S) Pte Ltd.

In addition, during the "Tuya Developer Day" event, Tuya forged partnerships with globally renowned companies such as Möwe, Singapore's pioneering smart home energy-saving service brand; Goqual, a leading IoT brand in South Korea; VTA+, a prominent smart home brand in Colombia; and Grupo Constulita, a leading lighting brand in Mexico. The event witnessed the signing of agreements and a ceremonial acknowledgment of collaboration. These partnerships will encompass multi-dimensional cooperation, spanning products, technology, and channels, with a shared goal of enhancing the quality of life for consumers and fostering a superior living environment for smart homes.

Since the opening day of CES 2024, Tuya's booth has already attracted thousands of visitors. The "Tuya Developer Day" event at CES 2024 not only opens up expansive market opportunities for Tuya and its partners but also serves as a platform for global developers to showcase their innovations, fostering direct communication, idea exchange, and newfound inspiration. In the future, Tuya remains committed to ongoing collaboration with global developers, actively promoting the widespread application of IoT, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies across diverse scenarios. This steadfast commitment is geared towards achieving the sustained and strategic development of the intelligent industry.
Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX:2391), a global IoT developer service provider, announced that it would bring an extensive range of cutting-edge solutions to CES 2024 to present its green and low-carbon development philosophy to developers worldwide. In line with the theme of CES 2024, "ALL TOGETHER, ALL ON", global businesses are seeking to enhance the level of inclusivity and engagement for consumer electronics products. Tuya followed the main theme and established its exhibition hall under the theme of "All Together, All On Smart." Its exhibition area is located at booth 51916, in Hall A-D located on the second floor of Venetian Expo, from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

The "All Together, All On Smart" theme communicates Tuya's delightful vision for the future of the world. In particular, the idea of "All Together" contains the concept of "universal harmony", which is derived from "The Book of Rites" by Confucius. This concept illustrates the significance of the idea of a community with a shared future for mankind, while it also fits in nicely with Tuya's values. Tuya consistently upholds ESG principles and is dedicated to collaborating with global developers to utilize IoT innovation to create smarter, more energy-efficient, and more comfortable living spaces, to eventually bring the idea of "All On Smart" to life.

Highlight #1: Tuya's Four Signature Colors for 2024

Tuya will reveal its Four Signature Colors for 2024 , Peach Fuzz, Bermuda Green, Aurora Pink, and Little Boy Blue, at CES 2024. Tuya's Four Signature Colors represent the company's culture, but also stand for the abundance and diversity of Tuya's developer ecosystem. Developers can anticipate a well-established exhibition hall dressed in the new Four Signature Colors, working with Tuya to collaboratively create new narratives.

Highlight #2: HEMS will be in the Spotlight

Carbon emissions are still a major global concern at the moment. Numerous businesses are constantly looking for ways to accelerate carbon reduction in contribution to overall energy-saving and the reduction of carbon emissions. For instance, the energy sector has reshaped the grid at the distribution end by integrating sustainable energy sources like solar and wind power; while the automotive industry is embracing electric vehicles to help achieve carbon neutrality.

Tuya actively researches and develops effective smart energy solutions in this context to enable customers to serve household users. Tuya's recently launched Home Energy Management System (HEMS), which helps maximize household energy efficiency to meet the worldwide "dual carbon" goals, is available at CES 2024 for developers to learn more.

Highlight #3: Popular Smart Products will be Showcased

As a global IoT developer service provider, Tuya has always been dedicated to helping global developers in effectively producing unique, self-controllable smart products and solutions. Tuya will showcase a wide range of popular and cutting-edge Tuya-enabled products at CES 2024.

This time, Tuya will exhibit many smart products that are directly tied to people's daily lives. Taking smart lighting features as an example, there are smart mouse pads that support changing RGB lighting modes, smart bicycle lights that alter the light automatically, and smart wake-up lights that help people wake up from better sleep.

Highlight #4: First Time Revealed Concept of National Pavilions

Every year, thousands of people from all over the world attend CES, the most significant technology event in the world, which serves as a proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. Tuya introduced the idea of a National Pavilions in the booth so that global developers could more fully understand the allure of smart devices from other countries. The National Pavilion, as its name implies, is an exhibition area where Tuya and its international partners from different countries and regions present products and solutions. It not only gave global developers access to a wide range of smart products from various regions, but it also brought to light the demands and current trends in IoT development across national boundaries, helping developers to comprehend Tuya's globalization concept in a more immersive way.

Highlight #5: Immersive and Interactive Experiences in the Realm of IoT

Tuya has also planned multiple smart product interactive activities during its four-day display to provide attendees with a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. The Tuya-enabled smart jump rope challenge will catch the player's jump rope movements and display them on the main screen to allow a virtual avatar to jump simultaneously to reach the sky, allowing for both fun gaming and exercise. This also means that Tuya's gamified health solution not only allows IoT to creep into consumers' lives in a fun manner, adding fulfillment to the tiresome workout procedure but also assists global developers in seizing the gaming prospects of smart products and succeeding in the health industry.

Tuya will usher in new market opportunities and deliver green and sustainable product solutions to global developers through the CES show, consistently promoting international businesses to achieve green and sustainable development.

Tuya Day, Tuya's signature event, will also be upgraded to Tuya Developer Day at CES 2024. Many experts in diversified fields will look into IoT development outlook from the standpoint of developers, presenting the most recent updates and insights to global developers.
New York -- Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, has been committed to advancing the adoption of Matter standards in the industry, helping customers to reduce the cost of receiving Matter certification for devices and shorten product launch times, to seize new opportunities in smart business.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance officially released Matter 1.2 on October 23, 2023. The update adds support for nine new types of connectivity devices, and makes important improvements to the existing technical specifications, SDKs, certification policies, and testing tools.

As a pioneer in promoting Matter, Tuya has showcased its full-stack solutions for Matter at several well-known industry events, including CES, MWC, IFA, and the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition). Tuya was also invited by ecosystem partners to show its full-stack solutions for Matter at marketing events including AWS Summit, Google I/O, Google Smart Home Summit, among others. It also joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance Boston Member Meeting, and the Samsung Developer Conference. Meanwhile, Tuya, as a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance's China Member Group, also participated in the Matter Interoperability Wall Program, and presented at the Guangzhou International Lighting 2023.

Matter 1.2 officially released
Tuya Continues to Expand Matter Product Categories

The newly released Matter 1.2 adds support for nine new types of devices, including refrigerators, room air conditioners, dishwashers, washing machines, floor sweepers, smoke and CO alarms, air quality sensors, air purifiers, and fans. Additionally, Matter 1.2 features important improvements to its testing and certification program, such as the addition of new chip platform support to the SDK, enhancements to the Matter testing tool, and other functionality improvements that will help companies shorten product launch times.

With Matter 1.2, Tuya continues to improve its full-stack solutions for Matter, helping customers expand their Matter smart home product portfolios. As of October 5, Tuya has obtained 217 Matter certificates, covering five main categories: electronics, lighting, sensors, gateway, and home appliances. The launched hardware solutions cover a number of smart home categories: light bulbs, light strips, switches, gateways, sockets, sensing, curtains, thermostats, and others.

In July, Tuya Smart became one of the few businesses in the world to offer both full-stack solutions for Matter and Matter Non-VID Scoped PAA certificates that are recognized by the Alliance. This enabled Tuya to help more than 846,000 global developers in its ecosystem to complete the security certification of Matter devices in a highly efficient and cost-effective way.

Last month, Tuya also participated in the test of Matter 1.2 SVE including Matter over Thread Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, and Matter over Thread Air Quality Sensors. With the release of Matter 1.2, the two new tested product solutions will soon be available.

In addition, Tuya is also actively involved in the upgrading and iteration of the Matter TV standard, aiming to ensure that the Tuya-enabled center control panel's features align with the next standard. It is reported that the Matter TV standard with Tuya-enabled center control screen capabilities is expected to be officially released next spring.

Tuya is further strengthening its relationship with ecosystem partners to advance the application of Matter in various spheres. In response to Amazon's introduction of Matter Simple Setup (MSS), Tuya has launched its solutions for MSS and finished MSS testing for Tuya-enabled Wi-Fi and Thread devices. Meanwhile, customers are further enabled by Tuya in accordance with the Commissionable Endpoint functionality from Amazon. After adding the device, end-users can use the Tuya-enabled App to immediately synchronize Matter devices to the local system. Thus, end-users can use Amazon Echo speakers to achieve local control of Matter devices even when there is no network connection.

Lower the Barrier to Receive Matter Certification
Enable Customers to Build Differentiated Competitive Strengths

As the Alliance's highest-level member, Tuya possesses several qualifications, including Matter product compliance certificate transfer, similarity certification, and new certification, among others. That is to say, all products created using Tuya's Solutions for Matter can be certified quickly and affordably through Tuya's certificate transfer, significantly reducing the time required for certification.

MOMAX SMART, a leading AIoT and consumer electronics brand, recently developed the Matter Gateway and Matter LED through Tuya's full-stack solutions for Matter and obtained the Alliance's Matter certification. With Tuya's support, MOMAX SMART received certification within thirteen business days and became the first Hong Kong brand to enter the Matter ecosystem.

Meanwhile, relying on the Tuya developer platform, MOMAX also achieved interconnection with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home, and other mainstream ecosystems, which provides a boost to the layout of MOMAX in overseas markets. Currently, MOMAX has won a good reputation in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and Europe. John Cheng, CEO of MOMAX SMART, said that in the future, he hopes to develop more Matter devices and work with Tuya to promote the penetration of Matter in the smart home industry.

Matter's continuous upgrading will accelerate the breaking down of ecosystem barriers and further tackle the problem of smart home fragmentation for both upstream and downstream businesses in the smart home market. In the future, Tuya will continue to promote the development of Matter devices, design, test, and validation of Matter, and facilitate the adoption of Matter in the global market.
Tuya Smart announced a partnership agreement with Siam Cement Group (SCG), the largest cement and construction materials producer in Southeast Asia, at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023. To assist SCG in better providing comprehensive IoT solutions for customers in the real estate industry and to jointly provide technical and service support for the smart transformation of the real estate industry, Tuya will provide all-around support for SCG's real estate integrator and real estate brand business, covering the three pillars of privatized IoT platform, hardware ecosystem, and software development. In particular, Tuya will construct a privately-owned IoT platform for SCG based on the Cube Solution with exclusive functionalities, high system stability, and complete data independence.

BANGKOK, Aug. 18, 2023 -- Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, announced a partnership agreement with Siam Cement Group (SCG), the largest cement and construction materials producer in Southeast Asia, at the Techsauce Global Summit 2023.

As the first collaboration in Thailand that leverages Tuya's Cube Solution in the smart home field, SCG will be able to create a house IoT management system and privatized IoT platform to manage devices offered under the SCG smart home brand. The two companies will also collaborate to explore additional smart business opportunities, such as growing SCG's smart product line, enhancing its IoT services with integrated hardware and software solutions, and advocating for the smart transformation of Thailand's real estate sector. The two parties also intend to work more closely together in the future to advance the adoption of IoT, AI, and numerous other cutting-edge technologies in the fields of smart lighting, smart community, and smart city, among others.

SCG has made significant contributions to the advancement of the nation's infrastructure initiatives for more than a century, operating over 300 subsidiaries. Ranked No. 878 on the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world's largest companies for 2023, SCG has divided its core businesses into three segments: cement-building materials, chemicals, and packaging. Its operations span many Southeast Asian countries and regions, including Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

SCG's business encompasses more than 90% of the Thai real estate industry, and it has also established long-term and reliable connections with several of Southeast Asia's premier real estate developers. Based on its deep roots in the real estate industry, SCG discovered that innovative technologies such as IoT can add more value to traditional industries, so it has actively explored and launched the real estate integrator and real estate branding business, to assist the transformation and upgrade of Thailand's real estate industry through its own branded smart products, systems, and services.

Therefore, SCG decided to partner with Tuya to strengthen the sector with advanced technologies and jointly develop a new landscape of smart real estate in Thailand using SCG's channel resources and local market expertise, as well as Tuya's core technology, solutions, and extensive global deployment strength.

Cube Solution Expands Development Potential for the Real Estate Industry

To assist SCG in better providing comprehensive IoT solutions for customers in the real estate industry and to jointly provide technical and service support for the smart transformation of the real estate industry, Tuya will provide all-around support for SCG's real estate integrator and real estate brand business, covering the three pillars of privatized IoT platform, hardware ecosystem, and software development.

In particular, Tuya will construct a privately-owned IoT platform for SCG based on the Cube Solution with exclusive functionalities, high system stability, and complete data independence. Tuya's Cube Solution is composed of five modules: IaaS, Cloud Native PaaS, IoT Core, IoT Capability Expansion, and Application Development and Integration Platforms. With the ability to choose from more than 40 functional components packaged in the five modules, based on business development needs, SCG will be able to deploy its private platform quickly and affordably, enabling it to offer its own platform functionality for the future expansion of its business operations.

Meanwhile, Tuya will further open up more business potential for SCG based on its Cube Solution, including assisting SCG in enhancing its smart home brand, developing a smart home management system, and offering intelligent transformation support to fulfill the demands of a variety of real estate industry customers. SCG will be able to realize a wide range of value-added functions, such as device connectivity and management, user management, information collection and analysis, etc., and swiftly complete the development of various applications, to better meet the varied IoT application needs of its own and the customers in the real estate industry and to provide differentiated functional support for various businesses and scenarios. For instance, SCG will be able to deliver product analysis for smart household products of its own brand. It will also be able to offer extensive device management capabilities to improve management efficiency for property management in industrial parks, commercial buildings, communities, and other real estate projects, based on SCG's privatized IoT platform.

Tuya's Integrated Hardware and Software Solution Extends SCG's Business Layout

After completing the private IoT platform, Tuya will collaborate with SCG on hardware and software solutions to further explore the development of smart real estate businesses.

Regarding hardware, SCG's edge gateway will be incorporated into Tuya's IoT ecosystem, greatly increasing the number of interoperable products offered by SCG and expanding the range of goods available under its smart home brand. Tuya will work with SCG to develop more intelligent interaction scenarios for the real estate industry and develop a flexible and scalable business management model, drawing on the nearly 2,700 product categories enabled by Tuya and SCG's in-depth understanding of the pain points of real estate industrial transformation. To help customers in the real estate business achieve energy savings and cost reductions, Tuya will work with SCG in developing a smart building energy management system including Zigbee sensors, smart thermostats, meters, edge gateways, and other devices.

In terms of software, SCG's own App, SCG Smart Living, will be seamlessly connected to Tuya-enabled App through the Tuya App SDK of Tuya's PaaS2.0, ensuring the management and control of SCG's brand as well as realizing connectivity, management, and control of Tuya-enabled devices.

Notably, as both parties are closely watching clean energy, SCG and Tuya will also jointly expand the zero-carbon solutions in the field of commercial real estate, energy management solutions for households, as well as smart cities and other proactive applications, to further open up the real estate industry towards the direction of green, intelligence, and sustainability, to enhance the brand value of social responsibility and ESG, and to work with customers to develop new collaboration patterns.

"As IoT, AI, and other technologies break through, enterprises in each ecosystem have to speed up the pace of smart transformation to adapt to new technological upgrades and applications. Tuya has committed to supporting industrial upgrade with cutting-edge technologies, while remaining open and neutral. Its IoT technical prowess and experience in the global market will be critical to our collaboration in developing a one-stop solution that satisfies SCG's development ambitions while also fitting the local development environment. We will continue to focus on 'innovation' and 'sustainable development' in the future, and will work closely with Tuya to explore further business prospects in the fields of smart lighting, smart community, and smart city and to work together to enable customers to thrive," said Mr. Apirut Vancha-am, Chief Digital Officer of SCG Digital.

"The collaboration between Tuya and SCG will provide a new development momentum to Thailand's real estate industry. With SCG's channel resources and Tuya's technological and ecosystem advantages, we will combine our efforts to develop smart real estate benchmark customers, jointly construct a green and highly efficient IoT ecosystem, and expand the impact of industrial smart upgrading. Tuya will continue to collaborate with SCG in the future to broaden its innovative business coverage with distinct products and services, bring energy-saving and efficient IoT solutions to traditional and emerging industry customers, and meet customers' needs for autonomous control and differentiated transformation while promoting the prosperous development of the local IoT ecosystem," said Ross Luo, General Manager of Asia Pacific Region of Tuya Smart.

SCG and Tuya will form a synergy of strengths to lead the emergence of smart real estate in Thailand, bringing an entirely novel environment to the real estate industry and laying the groundwork for both parties to expand more cooperation scenarios and cross-industry cooperation in the future.
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