Since more than 25 years we develop innovative lighting solutions with outstanding design and excellent quality for the international market. Designing with light is a passion that has always accompanied us and inspires us to new heights every day. We understand light as an elementary component of architecture. With this basic idea in mind, we develop timeless and high-precision lighting tools for individual interior design. We are pleased to present you our lights and lighting systems. Discover excellent lighting solutions for an exceptional room ambience in your living or working environment.

RIBAG Licht AG has been combining innovation and craftsmanship with the latest technology for over 25 years. The Swiss manufacture stands for outstanding lighting solutions, unique design, distinctive quality and comprehensive services. The family business with headquarters in Safenwil (CH) is managed in the second generation by Andreas Richner. Since the company founding by Heinrich Richner in December 1994, the focus has been on developing the highest quality lighting solutions for a demanding clientele. Within a few years, the one-man business has developed into an international company. With the expansion of its range of services, RIBAG offers complete planning solutions: from the first project meeting to extensive lighting design and project approval. Whether you are interested in products or services, our employees are committed to your concerns – always accompanied by the original values: trust, respect, appreciation and an enormous passion for the aesthetics of light.

People and their needs are the centre of our work. For them, we make spaces experiential and develop customised lighting solutions that provide optimal visual comfort. To do so, we shape the light according to the function required. And because light makes the qualities of the architecture visible, brings rooms to life, and displays materials in their most beautiful form, we create lamps and lighting systems with subtle design. They let architecture and interior design take the lead.

Year after year, we research innovative lighting technologies and develop new product concepts. This is part of our creative nature and our unique spirit of development. For us, a good idea doesn’t follow short-lived trends and is always well thought out. We work with great attention to future-orientated lighting tools. We are actively involved in interdisciplinary collaboration with colleges, universities and leading technology service providers to further the exchange of knowledge and strategies.

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the materials used, the high standards placed on our designs, and the attention to detail throughout the entire process, from the idea to production. Collaboration with leading international suppliers and partners results in maximum performance on both sides. That is why we make no compromises in quality, functionality, and service in our products.

Passion is our creative fuel. Whether the spark comes from nature or architecture, or simply from the gut. Whether it’s the development of an existing product or use of the latest technologies. A lamp’s design always harmonises with its function and characterises its purpose. We make creative distinctions with individualised lighting solutions. Our lamps are matched to the user and rooms according to a project’s specific requirements – in terms of colour, materialisation, dimensioning, and functionality.

The interworking of design, development, and lighting design is our strength. We are deeply committed to the conceptualisation and accompany you the entire way during project realisation. In doing so, we support you with any questions regarding lighting technology and offer you a tailor-made lighting solution bearing design, technical, and economic elements in mind. As experts in lighting technology, we provide planners with our entire wealth of experience. In order to best provide access to data, all documents are available in a clear form in the download area of our website.

Enjoy service at first hand: Our team of experts is by your side with first-class, competent support from consultation through to implementation. Because satisfaction is our top priority, our efficient, long-lasting, and high-quality products are delivered within one working week and include a 5-year product guarantee.
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