Ragni is a French designer and manufacturer of street lighting fixtures. Established in 1927 and managed by the family of the same name for 4 generations, this independent and human-sized company has always cultivated its know-how by combining tradition and innovation, establishing itself as a reference in the field of public lighting in France and abroad.

With its 4 production sites in France, today the Ragni brand represents a combination of tradition and modernity. The lights, consoles and poles allow us to offer sets in a variety of styles: traditional, functional, residential, traffic bollards, floodlights or stylish models. The company’s artisan tradition also leads us to design custom-made products closest to our customers’ requirements.

Led by a people-centred philosophy and constant ambition, successive meetings have helped the company to build the RAGNI Group in parallel with the roll-out of its Export department in order to make the quality of its lights known throughout the world, focussing on quality materials and a global service around your lighting projects.

Our company is a player in a rapidly changing sector, at the heart of energy transition objectives. Our vision is based on the need to adapt lighting technologies to the challenges of sustainable development while promoting people’s comfort and safety. Maintaining our family know-how and craftsmanship, we design beautiful, efficient and durable products by placing people at the heart of our preoccupations. The essence of our being lies in our desire to foster a reasoned use of light by providing lighting that respects all of the ecosystems and adjusts to real needs.

In a world of transitions and challenges, public lighting becomes a center-stage for sustainable development in towns and suburban areas. From decorative light fixtures to road lighting performance and from forging to automated lighting management, Ragni focusses on the development of its expertise, which has been handed down through the generations with passion and ambition. Ragni offers a comprehensive range of lighting from a design set to a heritage lantern, street or city fixtures, the performance guaranteed by LED is exploited and optimized. For serial production or a unique creation, the same concern for quality unites our creative and technical teams.

Equipped with high-performance industrial equipment, our workshops are managed by people with varied professions that Ragni wishes to continue to develop. The company has 4 production and processing sites for brackets light fixtures and poles. Sheet metal work, locksmithing, painting, wiring, assembly, sublimation, etc. Ragni has been cultivating a passion for the profession over four generations and successfully combines tradition and modernity.

As a key sector in energy transition, public lighting must take into account the global challenges of sustainable development. Ragni works on a daily basis to reduce the environmental impact of its activities and products. Ragni light fixtures adapt to a wide range of applications and enable a wide range of projects. All new products are specifically LED and the entire pre-existing range is compatible with LED lighting.
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