Industrial grade tubular LED luminaires are enclosed and gasketed light fixtures designed to fulfill the demanding needs of industrial applications. They deliver a wide or omnidirectional light distribution that make them advantageous for applications where a high illuminance level on both vertical and horizontal planes is required. These products look similar to tubular LED retrofit lamps but are independent of each other in design concept. They are self-contained lighting systems created from the ground up with an intention to unlock the full efficiency and performance potential of LED lighting.

In industrial applications, the failure-free, robust and energy efficient operation of lighting systems is of decisive importance. Industrial grade tubular LED luminaires are high flux density LED systems that operate at up to 10 watts of electrical power per 1-foot light module and at a luminous efficacy of up to 160 lm/W. They deliver exceptionally high reliability with robust specifications for moisture, water, vibration and extreme temperature protection. Apart from the use of high efficiency and high reliability LEDs, the thermal path from the LED junction to the ambient environment is engineered to handle the applied power load and mechanical stresses. Drive current regulation has can have a powerful influence on LED operation. The built-in LED driver provides tight regulation and control on the current output under high voltage and current fluctuations which are very likely to occur in industrial environments.

Industrial grade tubular LED luminaires are intended for both indoor and outdoor installations which are also subject to rough environmental conditions, such as heat, cold, dust, humidity, corrosive atmosphere. These fixtures come in a one-piece, impact resistant polycarbonate (PC) or polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) housing. The housing is fully sealed with tightly fitted end caps which may be made of stainless steel or plastics. Vapor-proof, water-tight connectors at the ends of fixture simplify installation and wiring. The pressure differentials within sealed enclosures are continuously equalized through venting membranes. The fixtures come complete with stainless steel mounting brackets which allow them to be be surface, chain, cable or stem mounted.

High ingress protection and robust construction not only give the tubular light fixtures the highest possible score for resistance to intrusion by airborne dust, but also allow them to be protected from the effects of temporary immersion in water (IP67), continuous immersion in water (IP68), or high temperature, high pressure water jets from any direction (IP69K).