Lumenwerx designs and manufactures architectural luminaires for the commercial, industrial and residential marketplace. We fabricate and build our luminaires from the ground up, including our LED boards, enabling innovation and rapid responses to market requirements. For visually pleasing, photometrically sophisticated, optically progressive, high-quality, and durable lighting solutions, look to Lumenwerx.

At LumenWerx, our primary goal going forward – as it has been over the last two decades – is to respond to these opportunities with the next generation of luminaries. This entirely new product line represents the latest in LED technology paired with cutting edge optics, electronics and thermal management – available in recessed, surface and pendant mounted options.

This patent pending ECHOCORE™ technology uses a die-cut aluminum wrap and multiple layers of sound-absorbing material to trap acoustic waves. Sound travels through the aluminum exterior into a sound absorbing core, resulting in a 30% increase in sound reduction compared to competing luminaires. The LumenWerx Widespread Indirect Optic (WIO) produces noticeably smoother ceiling brightness than a typical lambertian uplight distribution, permitting generally wider spacing as well. Fully integrated, ultra-slim Mikrodrive™ electronic package eliminates the need for the remote drivers typical of very small cross-section luminaires.

Healthwerx by Lumenwerx integrates the lastest tecnological advancements that support human centric lighting. Healthwerx luminaires include technologies that cover the specific lighting spectrums able to emit that healthy cyan light and more. Bios and Full Spectrum technologies allow for reaching these biologically beneficial spectrums. ChromaWerx is our broad program of adjustable color, encompassing one-channel, two-channel, and four-channel color-changing options. Luminaires using Chromawerx technologies utilize color changing solutions that shift the light source's correlated color temperature (CCT) from cooler to warmer colors and vice versa. This can improve the psychological comfort of patients and visitors.

LumenWerx is proud to have an incredibly motivated and hardworking team comprised of some of the most talented people in the industry. Each team member brings his or her unique strengths and abilities to LumenWerx, allowing the creation of a team unsurpassed in technical knowledge, engineering, design, sales and support.

Innovation, technology, performance and quality are our design principles. Our commitment is to provide our customers with leading-edge products and unsurpassed service.

We hope you’ll allow us the opportunity to show you the incredible things that can happen when your design creativity meets the dedication and know-how of our team.
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