The Swiss company founded in 1970 initially produced lights for the workshop sector. 10 years later, core business shifted to the development and production of designer lighting for living and working spaces; the production of workshop lights was subsequently dropped.

Effective 1 January 2016, Kreon became the new owner of Belux. Kreon develops lighting solutions for the high end architecture market and supplements the range of Belux in a complementary way. Both Belux and Kreon will continue operating as two separate entities.

Belux is committed to providing optimal solutions for complex lighting requirements both in the contract sector and in private residential environments. For this purpose, Belux develops, produces and markets innovative lighting instruments that are distinguished by modern, energy-efficient lighting technology, functional design, high-quality materials and meticulous fabrication. Belux regards lighting as a key element of interior design, which must therefore fulfil the highest functional and aesthetic demands.

Lighting instruments by Belux stand for long-lasting quality, guaranteed by a superior product culture on every level. Belux lighting fixtures are manufactured with a passionate attention to detail. This is evident in the selection of premium materials as well as the extraordinary care that goes into the actual production process, which involves a comparatively high degree of precise hand craftsmanship. The Belux product range consists primarily of standard pro-duction models. Customized products can be made to order if required, especially for projects in the contract sector.

Lighting products by Belux are developed in close collaboration with external designers, whose conceptual and creative ideas are merged with the company’s expertise in lighting technology and manufacturing know-how. The starting point for research and development is usually a functional need or technical innovation. The aim is to achieve surprising lighting solutions that are convincing not only with regard to their functional qualities and technical sophistication, but also due to their attractive appearance.
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