Xicato, named Company of the Year by Construction Tech Review for Top Intelligent Building Solution Providers in 2021 and winner of many industry awards, is defining the future of smart buildings, delivering the absolute best quality, highest performing, most reliable, and one of the broadest portfolio spot and linear light sources; world-class LED drivers; as well as other wirelessly connected intelligent devices including sensors, switches, gateways, controls electronics, and software; plus, installation and commissioning services.

Xicato products inspire architects, designers and building owners to dream up and create more beautiful and healthier environments with smarter and more connected experiences. With an installed base of over 10 million nodes, spanning thousands of locations in over 30 countries, and backed by a strong team of innovators based in Silicon Valley, Xicato continues to stay ahead of customer needs in a variety of verticals including the world’s most renowned museums and cathedrals, retail shops and hotels, offices and hospitals.

Xicato designs and develops high quality spot and linear light sources and electronics that enable architects, designers, facilities managers, and building owners to create beautiful, connected, smart spaces. Xicato’s light sources have set the standard for quality of light and are installed in thousands of locations around the world – they are the go-to option when people care about the quality of light. Xicato’s Bluetooth lighting controls are installed in a wide range of locations and are integrated with a range of luminaires and building management systems. Today they are delivering cost savings from installation through operation, and providing scene-setting capabilities that are second to none.

Xicato stands behind its products with superior customer service, the industry’s first color consistency warranty and an unmatched commitment to light and lighting controls that make the world a better place.

Xicato engineers light that makes spaces shine. Our various types of light have set the standard for color consistency, quality, and reliability. We bring the same passion for perfection that we’ve long applied to engineering light, to developing and deploying Bluetooth controls systems that are not only easier to install and configure but also provide operational savings and true reliability. Planning, installation, commissioning and verification services round out our offering. We make the implementation and use of controls simpler and we take responsibility for making sure your installation gets done right.

For over a decade, Xicato has engineered and developed the industry’s most reliable LED modules that lighting designers recognize as the highest quality light available. Xicato’s patented spectral options, Artist, Beauty, Designer, Standard, and Vibrant, are unmatched for their color rendering, color maintenance, dimming performance and reliability. With multiple form factors, a broad range of LES, CCT and the industry’s leading color rendering, Xicato delivers the light for interior and exterior environments.

Xicato’s Bluetooth (BLE) lighting controls are designed to provide a superior range of control and monitoring and to reduce the implementation and maintenance costs at any site. Tens of thousands of nodes can share a single, highly secure network, and there can be tens of thousands of networks.

Now, full-service planning, commissioning, configuration and verification of your Bluetooth lighting controls solution is available directly from Xicato and its integration partners. Xicato takes responsibility for making sure that each installation is planned correctly and achieves the results and reliability that you intend.
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