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Rua Augusto Gil nº31
Moinhos da Funcheira
2650-373 Amadora

Serip is a Portuguese company founded in 1961 and specialized in conceptualizing, designing, and crafting nature-inspired illumination sculptures that translate the uniqueness of the organic elements into works of art.

The company’s legacy is composed of three generations of Portuguese craftsmanship that materialize a creative bridge between artisans and designers, providing a unique point of view of the artisanal creation, contrasting with the production processes of modern times. Today, Serip is present all over the world, with a set of clients from the most varied countries.

One of the great advantages of craftsmanship is the possibility of customization, a fact that gives the client the chance to make his project unique and custom-made. For Serip brand, it is very important that the customer feels that his product is exclusive, tailor-made, and filled with passion, giving to the illumination or other bespoke pieces a unique space in an interior design project, allowing it to be incorporated into the layout.

In a present world mainly focused on symmetry, standard, and monotony - as a result of the industrial and mechanic production - Serip responds with concepts such as difference, unevenness, uniqueness, and contrast, like nature´s powerful distinguished elements. Serip´s passion for organic forms and the search for design innovation provides a unique point of view in today´s massified decoration market. Every produced piece is a singular and unique work of art, due to the almost entire absence of mechanic elements in the production process. Offering to a room the uniqueness, the exclusivity that every single design deserves.

Generations throughout history have perfected the technique to this day, but without neglecting the essence of this manual process of unique characteristics that personifies the artistic production. Resulting in odd beauty pieces spiked with history.

Our technicians, artisans, sculptors, and designers use their knowledge in these techniques as a tool for the creation of contemporary art against industrialization, collecting the ancestral wisdom to give life to an organic style that characterizes our brand, using raw material like bronze and glass.

The feeling of mission accomplished is when our designs can provoke feelings, add emotions or just make someone think about it. The possibility to make somehow someone travel into the nature vibes and feel present all the inspiration conceived in the sculpture it's our purpose. That's what we pursuit, that our beloved clients can felt absorbed by nature.
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