ROSA Group (Zakład Produkcji Sprzętu Oświetleniowego, “ROSA” Sp. z o.o.), established in 1992 by Stanisław Rosa, is a Polish company specializing in the design and production of complete outdoor lighting sets. At that time company employed several people. Today it is a dynamic company in the lighting industry. In production plants with total area of 34 000 m2, located in Tychy and in two foreign companies, ROSA employs over 400 people. The success of the company is made up of many factors, but the most important are the people who work in it. Tradition, experience, reliability, individual approach to each customer, supported by innovative, creative and ecological solutions are the advantages recognized not only in Poland but also in almost sixty countries on all continents to which we export our products. By deciding to cooperate with ROSA, the customer receives the support, assistance and advisory service of the best specialists in the industry in Poland. Highly specialized engineering staff and our own technical know-how guarantee professional and efficient execution of even the most difficult tasks.

We develop Polish technical thought. Our engineering staff and research teams constantly develop innovative product manufacturing methods. The new ROSA automatic production line of aluminum columns, launched in 2015, is the only such investment in the world. Complete automation of production process allows us to produce 1 meter of the column in the record time of 1 minute.

ROSA anodising plant is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Europe. The anodising process is fully automated. The implemented solutions allow for interferential or electrochemical colouring of aluminium elements up to 10m long, also in complex shapes and in 10 colours, each with possibility of chemical brightening.

In 2016 street lighting and park lighting products with modern edge-lit technology have been introduced to the offer. This technology has been so far used primarily in IT and RTV market. ROSA is the first company in the lighting industry which applied this solution in street and park lighting.

Technologies and methods of producing our products are protected by patents. Our daily activities are based on the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015. We have all certificates applicable in the EU including Qualanod, which is awarded to the highest quality of anodic layers and confirms the compliance with European standards. We also have the passive safety certificate for aluminum columns in class 100NE2.

We are open to new ideas and we are constantly looking for innovative solutions. Our creative approach to lighting has been many times awarded by both Polish and foreign specialists. An example is the lighting set DROP I LED, which received the award in 2014 at the international Red Dot Award and is a winner of the national product design competition “Dobry Wzór – Good Design’”.

Our laboratories primarily allow for fast and flexible response to market needs as well as creating innovative lighting solutions. The chemical laboratory is equipped with modern equipment for measuring the quality of anodic coatings. The spectrometer determines the qualitative and quantitative composition of the alloy admixtures, which is a key factor in the qualification of aluminum alloys for anodising. The measurement of the quality of oxide coatings colouring splited into spectral, colour intensity and matt surface level is measured by high quality spectrophotometer.

The R&D laboratory allows to conduct research and analysis of materials used in various aggressive environments. It is equipped with climate and aging chamber, salt chamber, photometer, resistance testing machine and column fatigue test stand. We thoroughly analyze the components of our products for heat conduction, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, light distribution and photometric properties of the used LEDs. This gives us full control over the manufacturing processes, from raw materials to final products. This allows us to ensure high quality and reliability of the finished product.
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