Types of string lights

An outdoor string light is a hanging lighting system that arranges a group of light bulbs on a durable, waterproof cable. String lights are available in fairy lights, lantern strings, and Edison bulb strings. Fairy lights are strings of tiny bulbs called “fairy bulbs” which are usually mounted on a thin, copper wire. Lantern strings lights are usually strings of illuminated paper lanterns in which light bulbs are used as the light source. Fairy lights and lantern strings are specifically designed for decorating Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, shrubs, windows, rooflines or any other structure in order to create a festive atmosphere. Although these lights are popular products used by people to celebrate holiday seasons and special moments, the most used type of string lights are Edison bulb strings. Oftentimes, outdoor string lights refer to Edison bulb strings which serve dual purpose of ambient and decorative lighting and can be used year-round.

Extend the hours of enjoyment outdoors

String lights are an essential and effortless solution to create the right vibe for a nighttime outdoor oasis. Edison bulb strings are a frequent addition to a patio, backyard, porch, balcony, deck, pergola, gazebo, or garden. They provide a wide coverage of illumination and a good amount of ambient light for the outdoors. End-to-end connection of string lights gives you hundreds of feet of lights from one socket that can cover virtually any area or structure and brighten up any space. Outdoor string lights are the fixtures of choice for patio lighting. A patio is typically a paved area adjoining a residence. It is generally intended for outdoor seating, dining and recreation. Patio lighting with string lights adds an ambient layer of light that allows to weave all of the landscape elements together into a cohesive, sensible scene. Uniform illumination of the space removes the dark mask of night and chases away the fears that go with it.

The suspension system

While Edison bulb strings are commonly referred to as patio string lights for their dominant role in patio lighting, these lights are also known as commercial grade string lights because are durable enough to withstand outdoor permanent installations in commercial seating areas. A tough rubber casing allows the light strings to survive even the toughest weather conditions. The heavy-duty SJTW rated cable is well-insulated so you can leave them hanging outdoor all year long without electrical safety concerns. It is durably constructed to arrange your lights however you want. In-line PVC sockets are designed to create a waterproof seal around bulb bases. The loop on each light bulb socket allows easy installation with eye hooks, zip ties or guide wires.

Light bulbs

Light bulbs used on outdoor string lights are available in variety of wattages, lumen packages, bulb shapes, and sizes. Outdoor string lights are designed to accommodate light bulbs with a medium (E26/E27) base, which include GLS (general lighting service) bulbs (A15, A17, A19), ST (straight-tipped shape) bulbs (ST15, ST18, ST19, ST20), G (globe shape) bulbs (G14, G16, G16.5, G19, G25, G30, G40), and T (tubular shape) bulbs (T10, T14, T19, T20). These light bulbs incorporate LED technology to deliver exceptional efficacy over a long lifespan.

LED bulbs are divided into the SMD LED type and the filament LED type. SMD LED bulbs uses a flat LED module that mounts compact mid-power LED packages on a printed circuit board. Filament LED bulbs feature linear LED filaments that resemble their incandescent counterparts. While filament LED bulbs can make for a more artistic appearance for their vintage-style look, they are fragile because a glass envelop is used to facilitate heat dissipation together with a highly thermally conductive gas. In contrast, SMD LED bulbs are impact resistant because the LED module is protected by a polycarbonate diffuser. Despite the fragility, the ability of filament LED bulbs to provide vintage inspired lighting makes them a more popular light source for outdoor string lights.

Power source

Outdoor string lights are typically operated on a line voltage power supply as the Edison screw light bulbs available on the market are predominantly line-powered. The limited availability of 12V LED bulbs create challenges for widespread adoption of low voltage LED string lights. Solar powered patio string lights require an inverter to change direct current (DC) power discharged by a battery into alternating current (AC) electricity if line-operated LED bulbs are used. However, with low voltage DC LED bulbs, the design of a solar lighting system can greatly simplified and the battery autonomy can be improved due to improved system efficiency.