OPmobility (formerly Plastic Omnium) is a world leader in sustainable mobility and a technology partner to mobility players worldwide. Driven by innovation since its creation in 1946, the Group is today composed of five complementary business groups that enable it to offer its customers a wide range of solutions: intelligent exterior systems, complex modules, lighting systems, energy storage systems and battery and hydrogen electrification solutions. OPmobility also offers its customers an activity dedicated to the development of software, OPn'Soft. With economic revenue of 11.4 billion euros in 2023 and a global network of 152 plants and 40 R&D centers, OPmobility relies on its 40,300 employees to meet the challenges of sustainable mobility.

Mobility is currently experiencing a disruptive change. Vehicles are evolving from a means of transport to self-driving data centers while independence, luxury and design are being redefined. Automotive lighting will play an essential role in this context. From a mere means of sight, light has become one of the distinguishing features for high-quality vehicles of the future.

At OPmobility we address these developments with high-performance lighting solutions that enable greater design freedom, advanced services and driver assistance systems, for a unique travel experience.

To achieve this, OPmobility offers differentiating exterior systems for OEMs through a comprehensive, end-to-end lighting value chain that leverages system architecture and complexity in innovative ways.

From traditional areas such as headlights and signaling lighting to intelligent, high-performance products such as projection and advanced ambient solutions, OPmobility supplies a high-tech product portfolio that enables the connected, safe, personalized and sustainable mobility of the future.

Light projections are already widely used in everyday life because of their strong emotional staging, for example to illuminate building facades at events. This emotional aspect levers the acceleration of light projections and solutions in the automotive sector.

With the development towards autonomous driving, light will not only be needed for better sight, but will play an increasing role for the communication of a car to its environment (car2x) and contribute to the acceptance of autonomous vehicles.

Once manually and serving to improve the driver’s visibility, lighting is now digital and connected, offering automatic adjustment and smart features. Halogen and xenon lamps have been replaced by LED lighting, and intelligent lighting systems connected to on-board sensors and external data sources are taking interior and exterior lighting to a new level.

Software algorithms enable automatic glare-free high beam, for example. Projection systems contribute to greater safety and in the future will support autonomous vehicles in communicating with other road users while also opening up new possibilities for vehicle design.

Interior lighting provides well-being, entertainment for passengers and the feeling of being in a "living room on wheels".
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