NIVISS is an internationally operating company with huge experience in the electronics sector. Since the foundation the company has excelled in designing and the production of LED based products with special focus on the quality of all offered solutions.

NIVISS is engaged in designing, implementing and manufacturing of LED Engines (LED modules) and LED Lighting (outdoor lighting). All products, which base on LEDs, meet the highest quality standards and have all required certificates.

The beginnings of NIVISS are closely linked with company Maritex, one of largest wholesalers of electronic components and electronic equipment on the Polish market, established in 1987. NIVISS is now an independent, highly specialized engineering and manufacturing company focusing its efforts on developing modern and high-end lighting solutions. The company headquarters is located in Poland, a country which is a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe, in a very modern building with an area of 3500m². Both technical equipment and a modern organisation structure enabled Niviss to achieve the ISO Quality Certificate. Our own, capacious and well stocked warehouse is the key to an instantaneous shipping of goods ordered by our clients, who are mostly lighting products manufacturers.

Professional and customer-friendly staff, fast delivery of ordered products and the possibility of individual price negotiation are the main determinants pursued by Niviss during the daily service to our honorable customers. NIVISS comprehensively pursues the production process and simultaneously offers technical advice (selection of the LEDs, optics, power source and driving circuit), the design of LED modules and their adjustment to the needs of the application. The company manufactures LED modules starting from large series orders and ending with small series of non-standard modules. All NIVISS LED products are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Niviss has been involved in the development of lighting products based on LED technology for over a decade. The main group of products from our wide product portfolio are LED modules that can be used in all possible applications, from street lighting through decorative lighting to the advertising and automotive industries. In most cases, these are dedicated modules prepared on the basis of strictly defined guidelines by a specific client.

We offer a comprehensive approach to the subject of LED modules - from the client's idea to implementation. We can both develop the module from scratch and produce it based on the documentation provided by the customer.

The offer of LED modules includes solutions of any shape and size and made of FR-4, MCPCB or CEM laminates. It is possible to make modules powered by direct current, constant voltage or with the use of 230V AC mains voltage. In order to adjust the product to the customer's needs, we offer white color modules with different color temperatures (from 2200K to 6500K) and different color rendering indexes (CRI up to 98) and color modules of various wavelengths (from far ultraviolet to far infrared).

The modules we offer have various shapes and sizes. They can base on FR4, MCPCB or CEM laminates. Depending on the design it is possible to drive them with constant voltage, constant current or simply with 230V AC mains voltage. To perfectly fit the requirements, we offer full range of CCTs (from 1800K to 6500K) and CRIs (up to 98) and also full spectrum of colours and wavelenghts from infrared through red, green and blue to UV-C. Of course every module can be compatible with any optics available on the market.

The main group of products offered are modules installed in luminaires used inside and outside buildings. One of the most important aspects in this type of application is the appropriate selection of optics. Thanks to our vast experience and a wide range of optics, we can easily recommend a solution that will make the lighting system fulfill its task. It is also possible to develop a dedicated and individual optics in the form of a lens or a reflector.

Since its founding, Niviss has focused its efforts on developing dedicated and specialized LED module solutions. Particularly interesting from our side are the modules used in the automotive and railway industries. The high requirements placed on products operating in the above mentioned areas make their development require the use of dedicated software as well as extensive knowledge.

We offer LED modules for horticulture that perfectly fit the demands. Our solutions facilitate maximizing of plant production and the reduction of power cosumption. In our products we use LEDs, which are the most energy efficient solution available. Mixing LEDs of different colours we can achieve required light spectra dedicated for each species and stage of growth.

We have extensive experience in designing edge lighting modules and backlight lighting used, among others, in the advertising industry. In this type of products, the key is to select optics with the appropriate characteristics in order to obtain even illumination of the displayed content.
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