Light is the most universal and fundamental symbol of revelation, positivity, and intelligence; fundamental to productivity, health, and wellness. It brings knowledge, illuminates the way forward, and drives innovation.

It’s for these reasons that we’ve created best-in-class lighting brands and thousands of products featured at top retailers all over the world.

You'll find our products at a variety of retailers including home centers, national retail chains, office superstore chains, mass merchandisers, warehouse clubs, discount department stores and hardware stores.

Lucidity products can be found under the trade names Brilli Wellness Lighting, Catalina, Tensor, Alsy, and Cresswell; plus, many private brands exclusive to our global retailers.

At Lucidity Lights, Inc, we make the world shine with leading-edge technology, trend-driven design, and innovative lighting products and fixtures. We’re committed to being the lighting supplier of choice through dedication to complete customer satisfaction.
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