LightGraphix Ltd designs and manufactures lighting for architectural, marine and display use. The Company started in 1979 in Dartford, Kent and moved to purpose built premises in next door Crayford in 2006. Crayford station is 30 minutes from London Charing Cross.

The facilities include: metalwork machining & presswork, fabrication, powder coating, assembly & an extensive testing area together with Design and Administration offices and a comprehensive Showroom.

With over 42 years experience in the lighting industry we have built up a reputation for high quality, well made and innovative products backed up by efficient and reliable customer service. We have the pleasure of working with some of the top lighting designers around the world, and many of our products have been developed in consultation with them. We are very proud of the fact that all our products are manufactured in the UK which helps us ensure quality, flexibility on delivery and the production of custom lengths. We have supplied lighting for a wide variety of projects throughout the world, with 25% of our production exported.

LightGraphix are Lighting Association Code of Practice accredited. This allows us access to their testing laboratories and technical knowledge but also guarantees our compliance with European Legislation for our luminiares.

All LightGraphix products are designed and tested to comply with the relevant sections of EN60598 (the European Standard for lighting), which promotes good quality, safe lighting combining high performance and efficiency. LightGraphix is a member of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and their code of practice scheme which monitors our quality control systems, and adherence to standards with an annual inspection visit to maintain our accreditation. This also allows the company to access the LIA’s testing laboratories and technical knowledge.

Type Approval from Lloyd’s Register demonstrates that LightGraphix’s products in a marine environment conform to recognised industry quality standards, international conventions and LR Rules. Approval includes a process of independent design review, sample testing and verification of production controls. These products are approved for marine, offshore and industrial use in environmental categories ENV1, ENV2, ENV3 and ENV4 as described in LR Test specification No.1:2013 in association with BSEN 60598 and BSEN 60529.

Using the latest LED technology, we develop high-performance products that deliver the best beam quality and colour consistency. This, combined with the highest grade, machined materials ensures industry-leading LED lifetime figures of L90B5 @ 90,000 hours in ambient temperatures of up to 50°.

Across our expansive range of recessed LED uplights we offer miniature, low glare and high-power solutions for interior and exterior applications. For applications where the light source needs to be placed further away from the lit surface due to obstructions, we have developed solutions with tilted LEDs and tilt films.

Our broad range of recessed LED uplighters include indicator lights and low glare options such as the LD56 with a deep recessed lamp position or the more powerful LD151 and LD153 with built in glare shields. These high quality fittings are manufactured with machined components and high grade materials including 316 stainless steel. All are rated IP67 and above.

Manufactured from 316 Stainless steel these ultra small, robust 1.7W LED fittings utilise a specially designed reflector to wash the surface around them. Rated IP67 for mounting onto interior or exterior pathways, staircases and walls. They can be specified with a range of LED colours and these really do look fantastic!

Our broad range of recessed LED wall lights include many innovative low glare options, with most having the lens set back as well as some set at an angle. The new LD42 is one of the smallest, going up to the more powerful LD170. All come with high quality machined bezels and are available in a range of finishes and materials. All are rated IP67 and above and can be used for indoor or outdoor use.

The compact, minimal design of our new surface mounted LED fittings means they will blend into most interior and exterior project styles. Low glare is achieved by a recessed lamp position or cowl accessories. Applications include wall washing, highlighting and garden lighting.

From miniature, adjustable LD71 or fixed LD72 downlights, to the adjustable and high-power LD1094 delivering over 750lm, we have a range of downlights to suit most applications. Glare control and minimal depth are design features across the range. Optics have been chosen for their efficiencies and quality of beam.

We have wide range of linear products for most applications. Our LD26, LD30 and LD32 are truly unique to us with the use of a specially designed linear reflectors integrated around the LED's. The LD36 is a powerful optic based system used for wall washing. All our linear LED is made to order to the lengths required on site (LED circuits permitting).

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