The LD53 exterior landscape accent light is designed to wash surfaces with a soft glow, highlighting specific areas of interest. With a custom LightGraphix reflector and LED array, it offers a wide, low-level, 360°, diffused wash of light from a very compact fitting. It is available in RGBW or any of our standard white colour temperatures, from cool 5000K to super warm 2200K.

An optional adjustable head is available, allowing up to 20° tilt via an innovative toolless adjustable locking mechanism, allowing quick toolless onsite adjustment. This versatile product can be used in-ground, on tabletops and on walls, allowing for a consistent lighting effect across a project and can be further enhanced through our wide range of paint finishes.

The compact range has arrived!

We are excited to share the launch of several new interior and exterior spotlights, uplights and a wall light, forming our new ‘Compact range’ and delivering between 400lm-600lm. Designed with the knowledge and expertise that we have gained from the success of our high-powered products, our new, compact sized fittings utilise the same technology, LED engines and features including repairable engines. The additions join our existing compact downlights and introduce our first track mounted fixing option (LD233) and a modularised inground uplight family (LD141).

Designers will be able to specify E3 and F1 LED engines, the same found in products like our high-power LD10238 and LD151 which belong to our Compact+ range. The Compact range will bridge the gap between our Miniature range (50lm-200lm) and Compact+ range (600lm-900lm).

With the launch of the new additions, we introduce our first track-mounted fixing option for the LD233 interior spotlight. This and the LD238 also become the first spotlights in our product range to feature glare shields and honeycomb louvres.

The LD141 family has been designed with a modular approach, all three products using the same body but for applications requiring a deep recess, an additional base elongating the lens assembly can be applied. For wall light applications an alternative bezel with glass secured from behind and no glue line is supplied, allowing for a slightly smaller aperture and more pleasing aesthetic.

Learn more about LightGraphix products here: https://lightgraphix.co.uk/products
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