Gabriel Scott is a manufacturer of contemporary chic luxury lighting and furniture. With showrooms in New York and London, England, Gabriel Scott collaborates globally with architects, designers, and significant commercial, retail, and hospitality end-users to provide its distinctive products.

Gabriel Scott was founded in Montreal, Canada, in 2012 by Scott Richler. The contemporary lighting and furniture studio was established in an effort to blend Scott’s design experience developed over many years working in architecture, fashion and bespoke furniture.

When working as an architect, Scott was often tasked with specifying high-end custom furniture for clients. He realised there was a market for bespoke, contemporary and customisable furniture and lighting fixtures crafted using a holistic approach that would be specifically aimed at designers and architects who need control over every detail of a building’s design.

The experience Scott earned from the time he spent designing jewelry informs a lot of his work and process when designing lighting fixtures. Jewelry allowed him to focus on details and the nobility of craftsmanship as well as exquisite materials. This process has influenced how he interprets decorative lighting and treats each piece as a creation of larger scale jewelry.

All Gabriel Scott pieces are handmade in its Montreal production studio where the young visionaries work together along the in-house team of industrial designers, engineers, and manufacturers to create and oversee each piece from inception to production.

Considerate of all demographics and design environments, our collection works as well in a standalone residential setting as it does as a specified lighting or furniture package for a luxury hotel. Our products are designed to last. It’s always been important for our works to last beyond current trends, which ensures the products we make are future proof and will stand the test of time.

At Gabriel Scott we rely on the very best materials, techniques and craftspeople to ensure each and every piece of furniture and lighting fixture is made to the exceptional standard the studio is known for.

We're passionate about providing the very best service to our clients, therefore every piece in our collection is made to order and goes through a rigorous testing and quality control process before it's sent out for delivery.

Gabriel Scott is part of the ASCOT CAPITAL GROUP which brings it additional resources and capabilities.
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