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ZKW Group GmbH is the specialist for innovative premium lighting systems and electronics. As a system supplier, ZKW is a global partner to the automotive industry. The group develops and produces products based on our motto of “Bright Minds. Bright Lights.” combining bright minds with modern production technologies to produce complex premium lighting and electronic modules for international automotive manufacturers.

The ZKW Group is a traditional company with an 80-year history. Karl Zizala founded ZKW in Vienna back in 1938. The brand’s name derives from his initials, plus a “W” to stand in for the Austrian capital (“Wien” = Vienna). The company was expanded in 1954 to include its current headquarters in Wieselburg.

The Mommert family took over the company in 1982. Although the company started out producing metal components for various motorcycle and truck manufacturers, it developed its specialization in innovative, premium lighting systems and electronics in the decades that followed. It produced its first standard car headlight in 1989, followed by its first truck headlight in 1995, and its first bend-lite headlight (AFS) went into production in 2005. In 2014, the first laser projector was installed and the LED matrix headlight followed.

As an industry leader, the ZKW Group employs a total of nearly 9,700 people at its locations in Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, China, India, Mexico, Korea and the USA.

In April 2018, ZKW was acquired 70% by LG Electronics and 30% by LG Corporation.

On December 19, 2019, the rear lamp business of LG was integrated into the ZKW Group. In the course of this, ZKW Lighting Systems Korea Co., Ltd was founded and the plant which previously run by LG in Ningbo (CN) was taken over. The rear lamp business is another milestone in the development of a 360-degree offer for the automotive industry.

In accordance with the corporate vision “Ground-breaking premium lighting and electronic systems from ZKW for all mobility concepts of the global automotive industry”, the company’s primary goal is to produce top-quality high-tech products and to promote the development of innovative holistic lighting systems. With our discoveries and inventions, the ZKW corporate group makes vehicles more desirable, more unique, safer, and more energy efficient.

From a simple halogen headlight to the complex, high-tech product they are today: Few technologies have undergone such rapid, fundamental change as lighting technology has over the last few years. The goal, however, has remained the same: Vehicle headlights improve traffic safety and reduce the danger of accidents by better lighting the street, and by offering better performance or intelligent driver assistance systems.

In the future, we will also be promoting innovations in miniature lasers, micro electrical mechanical systems (MEMS), organic light diodes (OLED), and specialized LED configurations. Our goal is to develop and manufacture innovative electronic solutions for headlights, in order to provide the best possible support to the ZKW Group as a system manufacturer of premium lighting systems. For ZKW customers, this means: all solutions come from a single source.

Our top products include powerful and cost-efficient complete LED systems. The ZKW Group has a total of twelve locations worldwide, with intelligently networked development and production. In 2020, the Group employed around 10,000 workers and generated total revenues of 1.03 billion euros.

Our 360 degree product portfolio includes headlamps and fog lamps, rear lamps, flashers, interior and license plate lamps as well as electronic modules. Major automotive manufacturers trust their brands to innovative products from ZKW. We are proud of our customers like BMW (BMW, Rolls Royce), DAIMLER (MERCEDES-BENZ Cars and Trucks), FORD (Lincoln, Ford), GEELY (Volvo, Polestar, Lynk & Co, Geely), GENERAL MOTORS (Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac), JLR (Jaguar, Land Rover), PSA (Opel, Citroen), RENAULT/NISSAN (Infiniti, Alpine), VGTT (Volvo Trucks, MACK) and VW (Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Lamborghini, MAN, VW, Seat).

With intelligent lighting systems and innovative styling, ZKW is shaping the look and character of vehicles worldwide.
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